A quickie

Left to right—Brian Harney, Jeff Pearlman, P.J. Molinari, circa 1990.

We still have no power, and people are, rightly, losing their minds. It’s dark and cold and sucky, and I know nary a person who doesn’t loathe ConEd.

So, a quick story to lighten the mood.

During my senior year at Mahopac High School, a bunch of students (myself included) started a TV station. We called it M-Pac TV (clever!), and the programming appeared on a local cable access channel. We’d broadcast events like the school concert, different fairs and, mostly, Mahopac High School sporting events. I was the channel’s first play-by-play guy, and P.J. Molinari and I would sit by for boys basketball, baseball, football and (badly) call the action. It was amateurish, juvenile—and loads of fun.

Oh, one more thing: The games were never live. Everything was taped, and when the event ended someone would run down to the studio, hand a guy the tape and have it popped in a VCR.

Anyhow, M-Pac TV continued in 1990-91, the year after I graduated. However, it didn’t last long. One of the broadcasts (a lacrosse game, I seem to remember) was taped over a porno. The video was, as always, delivered to the studio, then, as always, placed in the VCR.

When the game ended, alas …