I (almost always) love comebacks

I love comebacks.

I really do.

I loved when Sugar Ray Leonard came back to fight Marvin Hagler.

I loved when Mark Spitz tried to make the Olympics in the era of Matt Biondi.

I love that Justin Timberlake just released a new song; that Skee-Lo just released a new song; that Destiny’s Child has reunited. It didn’t quite work out, but I even loved when Walter Mondale ran a few years ago for his old senate seat. No matter the genre, comebacks are awesome.

Except for the latest one.

I hate that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie coming out. I hate that he presented at the Golden Globes tonight. I hate that he just released a book; that he has two million Twitter followers; that he’s back in the game and sorta hot.

I hate it.

We are a forgiving people; a people of second chances. And, mostly, that’s wonderful. But not here. Not now. As we all know, Arnold is a jackass. Bigger than a jackass. He cheated on his wife (lord only knows how many times) with the housekeeper; had a child with the housekeeper; kept the secret with his housekeeper (from his wife) for years and years. All the while, he served as the governor of California, parading his wife out to events, having her stand by his side, speak for his character, work the lines and the rubber chicken dinners like a fool.

I love comebacks.

I loathe this one.

8 thoughts on “I (almost always) love comebacks”

  1. I think it’s great that he’s got a new movie out. It’s likely going to bomb like nobody’s business, and will inform him of what America thinks of him in so much greater relief than if he had just hidden out.

  2. so do you hate Arnold as an actor, or because of his failings as a human being? Hell one of our greatest presidents John F Kennedy was a serial cheater, do you hate him too(and yes i realize you were not alive when he was president). but the fact remains people screw up in their personnel and professional lives all the time. Hating them does no good, neither does showing them pity. The only people in his life that HAVE to forgive him are his wife and kids, if they do, than it is on him to show that he has changed.

    we all make mistakes of some degree at some point in our lives, how we learn from them is the big question. don’t hate arnold, all you will do is waste energy that could be put to good use doing something else.

  3. At the risk of blaming the victim, I’ve always felt that assuming the highly intelligent spouses of celebrity philanderers were truly blindsided by decades of infidelity, took a certain measure of gullibility.

  4. I totally agree with your sentiment. For a long time I was an admirer of Schwarzenegger — the bodybuilding years, most movies up to about True Lies. The whole self-made fairytale was very appealing. But with the latest news of his infidelities and his RESPONSE to the pain he’s caused, which seems utterly tone-deaf to the magnitude of his mistakes, I have now come to only cringe when he pops up. He used to have a charming way about him that enabled you to look past his scoundrel ways, but that act is tired now for someone his age. He’s pathetic, profoundly untalented, and seems to be oblivious.

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