I (almost always) love comebacks

I love comebacks.

I really do.

I loved when Sugar Ray Leonard came back to fight Marvin Hagler.

I loved when Mark Spitz tried to make the Olympics in the era of Matt Biondi.

I love that Justin Timberlake just released a new song; that Skee-Lo just released a new song; that Destiny’s Child has reunited. It didn’t quite work out, but I even loved when Walter Mondale ran a few years ago for his old senate seat. No matter the genre, comebacks are awesome.

Except for the latest one.

I hate that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie coming out. I hate that he presented at the Golden Globes tonight. I hate that he just released a book; that he has two million Twitter followers; that he’s back in the game and sorta hot.

I hate it.

We are a forgiving people; a people of second chances. And, mostly, that’s wonderful. But not here. Not now. As we all know, Arnold is a jackass. Bigger than a jackass. He cheated on his wife (lord only knows how many times) with the housekeeper; had a child with the housekeeper; kept the secret with his housekeeper (from his wife) for years and years. All the while, he served as the governor of California, parading his wife out to events, having her stand by his side, speak for his character, work the lines and the rubber chicken dinners like a fool.

I love comebacks.

I loathe this one.