The Worst Thing Ever. Really.

So I caught eight seconds of this earlier tonight while flipping the channel. My first thought, after the utter shock, was, “Wow, The Bachelorette actually has a skinny African-American dude in the cast. That goes against the show’s general gameplan.”* Then, later, I came to learn the guy is Soulja Boy.

Which led to this thought: What the hell is Soulja Boy doing?

This is the sort of shit that ruins careers and kills reputations. It’s not just bad; it’s “Accidental Racist” bad. It’s Menudo bad. It’s … it’s—Ishtar meets The Cable Guy bad.

Somewhere right now (probably in Los Angeles), Soulja Boy’s adviser (the one who said, “Man, do I have a great opportunity for you …” is packing up his belongings in a cardboard box, preparing to call Kid ‘n’ Play and the two original members of Styx in an effort to regain career momentum.


* The show’s general gameplan. Hot white chick, all white men and one suave black guy, who survives the first cut, then gets dumped come the second round.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Thing Ever. Really.”

  1. And that gameplan was EXACTLY what happened during last night’s 2nd round. Was this rap video meant to make the show more diverse? Ha! Wife watched this show while I watched Bruins/Pens and Heat/Pacers.

  2. “What the hell is Soulja Boy doing?”
    Actually the real question is, What the hell is a Soulja Boy?
    Never heard of… whatever.
    Really, never heard of him…until now.
    Smart career move.

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