Inside the Mac Store

4-up on 8-3-13 at 5.37 PM (compiled)Am writing this from inside a Mac Store. It’s funny how, 15 years ago, the Mac Store didn’t exist. Literally, if you told someone, “I’m going to the Mac Store,” they’d assume you were preparing to buy apples.

In many ways, the Mac Store is great. It’s modern, friendly, accessible. There are bright lights and pleasing sounds and happy faces. It’s the future—now.

And yet … something in me also hates the Mac Store. For all the life, it’s oddly cold and impersonal. We’re buying devices that are supposed to help us communicate, yet our communication skills have, really, never been worse. We’re always looking downward, typing away, staring slavishly into small screens that promise an excitement our real lives lack. It’s a weird phenomenon; one that both excites and worries me.

Oh, wait. I’ve got a call.