Michael Jordan’s Comeback

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 11.14.39 PMIn case you missed it, earlier today a photo made the rounds of Michael Jordan—age 50—dunking.

Admittedly, this isn’t that big of a deal. Jordan stands 6-foot-6, is one of the superb all-time athletes and—in his prime—soared through the air with dazzling ease. That he can still get a basketball through a hoop doesn’t seem that shocking.

However, I’m sorta hoping the photo—and the moment—stirs something in Michael Jordan.

I hope, in the 2013-14 NBA season, he comes back to play.

I know … I know—why? Why would I encourage a legend to put on a (egad) Bobcats uniform and average 5 ppg for a crap team? Why would I want to see his shot blocked, his dribble stripped, his aged body fall to the ground after some nobody like Nick Young or MarShon Brooks boxes him out for a rebound?

Answer: Because I’m old.

It’s true. I’m 41, which means—were I good enough to have played professional sports—I’d almost certainly be five … six … seven … 10 years into my retirement. With rare exception, 41-years-olds don’t play. And, if they do play, they’re hanging on by a thread, pathetically grasping for a final moment of glory. Well, those guys give me hope. And optimism. I want Jordan to return because, when I’m 50 (a mere nine years away) I want to be able to think, “Well, it’s still possible for someone my age to be an NBA player.” I want to believe life isn’t over; that physicality isn’t a thing of the past; that—dammit—I can play pickup and hold my own against the 24-year old with the sticker inside his cap.

I’m aware this all sounds silly and a bit contrived. But, really, I want Michael Jordan to return to the hardwood.

I want him to matter.

I want to matter, too.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jordan’s Comeback”

  1. I understand your thought initially, and I was what some in my area called a ‘Jordan Whore’, which was living in an area with no NBA franchise, but followed his career and rooted for him. Even rooted for him to beat the MON-STARS in Space Jam.

    I’m 42, played my days in small college ball, and understand the ‘I’m old’ theory to a point, but in another way, are you *&(_%$ kidding me?

    Ran my first half marathon last year, ran my first marathon this year. As my folks age I have to now be ‘the rock’ of the family. Holiday dinners, making sure siblings or myself gets our parents and/or Aunts/Uncles taken care of for their golden years, and raising kids of my own.

    Old? I beg to differ. Still miss Jordan, and Cal, and if I have a few, still think Nolan can get a hold or two.

    That said, I matter more in this world than I ever did.

  2. I totally agree with you. I don’t really understand when fans or media people say it is “sad” when a player hangs on too long. The only thing sad about it, I think, is that it makes YOU feel old and ponder your own mortality.

  3. wow, so he can dunk at 50….Dr J. can dunk at 63. Michael needs to say away, because he would get broke down like a rented mule if he played.

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