The new man in charge

stanFor the second time in the history of this remarkably unremarkable blog, I am temporarily handing over the reigns.

Two years ago, Michael J. Lewis did a fine job chronicling life as my family spent a few days away.

This time, the man in charge will be one Stanley N. Pearlman—who will be both house sitting and keeping the site alive as we take a quick vacation.

Though I haven’t spoken of this in a long time, growing up on the mean streets of Mahopac, N.Y., Dad was one of my biggest writing role models. An accountant by trade, in the Lord’s year of 1986 he self published his own book, the excellent Conquering the Corporate Career. I was 13 when he put the thing together—and riveted. Dad created his own publishing company (the official-enough-sounding Kimberly Press); hired his own editing staff (the Zalons); printed his own brochures. I still remember the day we visited the Waldenbooks in the Jefferson Valley Mall, and there—on a real shelf!—was Conquering the Corporate Career. The thrill … the euphoria … the pride—still palpable. It was also, ahem, on that day when I first subtly relocated a book from one section to another.

The irony of introducing Dad in this space is that he knows jack shit about sports. I’m pretty sure he had heard of Walter Payton before Sweetness—but probably knew neither his team nor skin color. The same goes for Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez, Emmitt Smith, on and on.

That said, he’s funny, intelligent, experienced and my hero.

So, please, go easy on him these next 12 or so days.

I’ll be back soon enough. The insults can wait until then. 🙂