Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.46.34 PMSo I’ve received a lot of heat, RE: my last post and the repeated usage of the word “fuck.” Much of the criticism came from followers of Craig Calcaterra’s excellent Hardball Talk blog. Craig took me to task for repeatedly using the word, suggesting I was directly tossing f-bombs toward Alex Rodriguez. This, of course, was not the case. And if you read the post, I think it’s pretty clear the word was used to convey the emotions of fed-up ballplayers.

What I was doing, by repeatedly breaking out the ol’ “fucks,” was showing (or trying to show) what Ryan Dempster’s pitches toward Alex Rodriguez seemed to symbolize—both to Dempster, as well as other clean players around the Majors.

Whether one agrees with Dempster’s tactics or not, I assure you—without question—there were cheers throughout Major League Baseball clubhouses. Two reasons: 1. Because, even without the whole PED issue, Rodriguez is considered a selfish fraud phony with the sincerity of a used car salesmen; 2. Because Rodriguez, along with Ryan Braun, has come to symbolize cheating in baseball, and non-cheaters are fed up.

Was Dempster right to hit him? No. But did I like the raw emotion and oomph behind it? I have to say, I did (whether that’s OK or right, I can’t say. We don’t always control how we feel. Sometimes we just … feel it). Because, no matter what Yahoo reported about Dempster being dissed by ARod at some point, I believe he was trying to convey a larger message. Are there inconsistencies in that? Certainly. Readers are right—has he ever said a thing to David Ortiz? To other cheat teammates? I’m guessing no. Still, I tend to think he was trying to take a stand.


On a side note, I love cursing. I really do. I don’t curse around my kids or my nephews, because they’re young and I don’t want them getting kicked out of class. But a good curse feels greeeeaaaaaat. I’ve also never fully understood the taboo of the curse word. Years ago I wrote a lengthy piece on curse origins, and it’s all silly nonsense. They’re words. They come, they go, nobody dies.

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  1. Spot on! A good curse is awesome. However, I’ve got to stop myself from saying them around my daughter. She’s only 17 months old, but she’s started mimicking. Time to train myself to find alternatives!!

  2. Dempster is a punk. He missed on the first pitch, and that was that. It was so obvious that he was intentionally throwing at A-Rod, that he should have been tossed as soon as the fourth pitch finally hit him. I’m no Yankee fan or A-Rod apologist (they both deserve each other), but the home plate ump dropped the ball there.

    One thing that hasn’t been addressed is the Yankees role in all of this. I find it hard to believe that with all of their resources, the Yankees had no idea he was dirty. If A-Rod’s lawyer is right, and that he has proof that the Yankees and MLB colluded to get A-Rod suspended, then there should penalties headed the Yankees way as well.

    At the very least, teams who have players suspended for PED use should not get salary relief. The money should still be counted to the luxury tax, and said money not paid to suspended player should go to the MLB general fund, to be forwarded to an agreed upon charity.

    I know that this seems harsh for the teams, but maybe it will make them think twice about signing someone who has been suspended. This way, players like Melky Cabrera still can’t be rewarded for tainted seasons.

  3. This has nothing to swearing. This has to do with you praising an act of violent battery (and despite the backtracking in this post that is what you did yesterday) because you don’t like A-Rod. No matter how many players approve, it’s still reprehensible.

    Go Fuck Yourself, Jeff

  4. Cannot believe all the hate spewed about a blog post that wasn’t promoted to show everyone what your feelings were on the subject.

    Nice. People suck.

    1. It’s incredibly laughable that you start a comment that relates to Jeff’s work with “Cannot believe all the hate spewed” and it’s not about something Jeff wrote. None of the hate spewed in the comments compares what Jeff has said over the years about this topic.

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