I hate instant replay in sports

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.20.40 AMI hate instant replay in sports.

I really do.

I’m a fan of the idea of human error. People drop balls. People miss signs. People pop up bunts and botch tags. People stand when they’re supposed to slide, and begin a home run trot when the ball ain’t leaving the park.

Umpires blow calls.

No reason to run through them all. You know them. I know them. They’ve been ugly and unfortunate. But, to me (at least), they’re also a part of the beauty of baseball. Remember the 1985 World Series between the Cardinals and Royals? Remember when Don Denkinger f*cked up the call at first in Game 6? What else do you recall from that series? Maybe Juaquin Andujar. Maybe George Brett. Mainly, though, it’s that moment. That indelible, incredible, defining moment. Most won’t agree with me here, but I absolutely love those moments. I love the anger, the joy, the debate, the perspectives. There were, in the immediate aftermath, thousands of arguments across America about Denkinger and that call. Maybe hundreds of thousands. It was juicy and exciting and, truly, interesting.

Everything about sport is (traditionally) uniquely human. It’s accomplishment, and achievement. But also flaws and mistakes.

As a fan, I’d much prefer awful human decisions to paused time so a monitor can make sure it’s right.

But, again, perhaps it’s just me.


7 thoughts on “I hate instant replay in sports”

  1. It is just you. Granted it is just a game and not important in the scheme of things. But it is important to the athletes. They work hard at the game and they shouldn’t be screwed by a lousy call. If that call at second in the first game of the world series had stood, that would have been worse than the Denkinger call.

  2. Wow…somebody actually thinks like me. I find an NFL game pretty brutal to sit thru these day, between the time outs and the ridiculous instant replay system they have set up.

    Look at some of the most exciting plays in history. The Franco Harris Immaculate Reception. Cal-Stanford in ’82. Fisk’s home run. All would have been reviewed and it would’ve sucked the life out of the moment.

  3. Couldn’t disagree more. Get the call right. There is enough human error on display in baseball (or in any discipline) already; correct what can be corrected and move on. No reason to celebrate the ugly and unfortunate and unnecessary.

  4. That is a really ignorant post. You like when human error trumps talent? If your ATM shorts you 200 bucks, is that juicy water cooler talk? Do you just let that go to hey, human error?

    You are a great writer, but you are like a rollercoaster. Up and down.

  5. I gotta say that I’m with you 90% of the time on this. It is the egregious calls that are just terrible and everyone watching knew it – I am all for getting those calls right. If it ever got to deciding strikes and balls and calls bang bang plays like the one above…boy, I don’t know…

  6. I remember when I used to celebrate touchdowns. Now I just hold my breath and hope it holds up under intense replay scrutiny

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