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Cereal Crapage

Photo on 11-19-13 at 11.41 AMWas walking through the Stop ‘n’ Shop this morning, my daughter’s request for new cereal ringing in my head. Then, I entered aisle seven …





These were the prices of cereal boxes. Small, insignificant, gone-after-three-servings cereal boxes. And then it really hit me—cereal companies are completely full of shit.

You’ve seen the commercials, right? Mom and kid, giggling over a bowl of Rice Krispies. A family digging into a box of Chex. The dumb-ass tiger from Corn Flakes. The image makers want to embed these ideas in our little brains; that cereal is an integral part of our American morning ritual. What they fail to mention is: A. Cereal is outrageously expensive; B. Most cereals are overloaded in sugar.

I actually love cereal—at all times of day. But I’m also not a sucker. I see the boxes getting smaller and smaller and smaller, while the prices rise and rise and rise.

Solution: Go generic brand.