Neal McCoy’s Awful Prediction

"Mama, I hate me some rapppperrrrrs ..."

“Mama, I hate me some rapppperrrrrs …”

I’ve made some truly awful predictions in my day.

I once picked Andy Miller to win the Cy Young Award. Another time, I said the Red Sox adding Brad Penny would equal the Yankees bringing in C.C. Sabathia. Those are two of the 500 that come to mind. Bad, terrible, brutal predictions.

For my money, however, no one matches the psychic awfulness of Neal McCoy a once-upon-a-flash country singer of some note who, in 1995, agreed to speak with me about rap. At the time, Dr. Dre and Tupac were big, Snoop Dogg was rising—and, within country circles, there was still this belief that hip-hop would vanish with the next wind. I was a scribe with The Tennessean who loved rap (like, loved-loved-loved it), so I decided to write a piece on whether country and rap could find common ground.

The answer, according to the few rappers I spoke to, was, “Yes.” MC Hammer, of all people told me rap and country shared the common bond of storytelling; that they both took life journeys and put them into narratives.

McCoy wasn’t having this. He hated rap. Loathed rap. Told me it was nonsense jibber-jabber that would leave town on the next bus. He saw no talent in the medium, and deplored the presumed violence of the genre. “It’s a trend,” he said. “That’s all.”

That was 18 years ago.

As I write this, hip-hop rules the universe. It’s everywhere, crossing multiple mediums, dominating much of the landscape. Country, meanwhile, has sorta folded into pop. The biggest names in the business aren’t folks like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. No, they’re crossover singers—Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift. Even Kelly Clarkson and Darius Rucker are now classified as country.

As for Neal McCoy, well, at the same time Snoop Dogg remains a mega- mega- mega-star, McCoy is preparing for three days at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater in Branson, Missouri.

Not that anything’s wrong with that.

But he could sure use a Twista interlude …

29 thoughts on “Neal McCoy’s Awful Prediction”

    1. I got to see Neal McCoy in concert one time, years ago at The Broom Corn Festival in Illinois. It was a free concert. If I could afford to got to any concerts today, his would be #1. They broke the mold with him. a wonderful man and puts on the best concert!

  1. You really don’t know what you are talking about when you are putting down Neal McCoy. With all the stars out their I wouldn’t pay a dime for their concert tickets but Neal I will see as much as I possible can. What entertainer takes time to come out in the audience and shake hands with almost every person that comes to his concerts in Branson. We truly love him and his talented band.

  2. I do not believe for a moment that Neal said he hates anything. 1995??? Rap goes back way farther than that, Run DMC, Beastie Boys….1985-86, Atomic Dog……Curtis Blow….what about Jam on it and the mentioned MC Hammer? I was with him in the Navy in 85. All way before 1995. So why would Neal even say it would vanish in the next wind. It was already here. (better back then) By the way who is Jeff Pearlman?

  3. Since I live here in Longview Texas , the home if Neal McCoy, I am certainly aware of him as we’ll as a fan. But where do you get a Snoop Dog and what does it look like?

  4. Must be running out of things to write about if you’re digging up an “interview” that may or may not have even happened. Neal McCoy is a wonderful entertainer, no matter where the venue or how many seats in the arena.

  5. Neal, you have had me as a fan for over 25 yrs. and I was there when you taped and performed for the video of “HillBilly Rap”. You taped it in Lake Charles Civic Center.

  6. Neal McCoy is the best entertainer, bar none! He loves seeing people smile, relates to people, not think he’s above everyone else! On Country Cruising, he was the only headline artist who ate in the buffet with the rest of us. My prediction for him is, continued success, staying as busy as he wants to be, & always helping others. I would take him any day over just about anybody else! Getting publicity for something said that many years ago suggests you are hard up for articles, or you enjoy putting people down!
    Sincerely. Joeboblafleur !

  7. Wow Jeffy, Is this a day for you. Why do you so choose to bash and crash on one of musics, now I’m saying musics, as in all of musics greatest and long stood entertainers. Not only two time entertainer of the year, the one chosen by fans, not the one chosen by writers as yourself who seem to go with the flavor of the day, and let’s not forget the humanitarian of the year who for the last 20 years has helped countless families and children with life threatening illnesses. Now here’s a bold prediction for you, let’s throw music and radio, I predict that you will never be half of the man Neal McCoy is, not now, or not ever. You do not have the heart, drive or will that can match him. I believe that, so sizzle de fizzle there Jef-fuh-duh.

  8. Neal McCoy was hardly a flash in the pan. Clearly you aren’t all that familiar with the country genre. The country pop artists you list as proof country has blended in with pop are a very small fraction of the country genre. There is still a solid core of real country artists.

  9. I guess you have never been to a Neal McCoy concert. Because, if you had you would have been entertained. He is not just a singer, but an entertainer.

  10. Neal McCoy is a super entertainer with a fantastic voice. Even better, he has a heart of gold. He interacts with the audience and always has time for his fans. We have traveled many times to see him. And I wish that rap had disappeared 18 years ago.

  11. Just saw Neal for umpteenth time (Warsaw IN) and he is just as good today as he ever was. As for wrap, I still think Neal was right I don’t like it ether. But I guess someone does.

  12. I knew Neil before he was famous. Went to school with him & his siblings. There is not a finer family with greater values, & only kindness in their hearts. No matter what is said publicly or in the entertainment world doesn’t matter a bit to the real person that Neil is. Home folks will always love this man over any rappers or any future types of music or singers coming this way.
    Be kind or say nothing. He has good, loyal friends.

  13. Jeff, you have your opinion , which many do not agree with you! But Neal is a good man, great entertainer and a most of all an honest man. I hope people can say the same about you. There is no reason to put Neal or anyone down as I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen to your family. Go see Neal… Support him…and see what the rest of see!! A great Showman!! We love you Neal !!!!!!

  14. Neal is the greatest singer and entertainer I have seen in at least 12 to 15 concerts….my 3 sons know I love Neal’s music… youngest son gave me a Christmas present… was a picture of him and Neal McCoy in Walmart in Longview, TX… 18 year old son chased him down in walmart to get a picture made of the two of them……and Neal was happy to do it for my son…..sits in my office at home as of this minute… many entertainers would have done that for a 18 year old to give to his mom for a Christmas present…..None but Neal….

  15. Boy oh Boy- you must have brain freeze (or a brain fart) if all you got to write about is something someone told you 18 years ago. You obviously dont know anything about Neal McCoy. He is one of the most enterataining and kind hearted singer you will ever come accross. So my suggestion to you is if you need to write some dirt on someone- GO DO SOME RESEARCH ON OUR GOD AWFUL PRESIDENT and leave Neal alone. Us Neal McCoy fans love our Neal just the way he is.

  16. We Love everything he does, we went to his first concert in Branson and on the way back to texas we got hit from behind and lost all that wonderful Autographed music.My HUSBAND IS 77 AND WE BOTH THINK HE IS THE GREATEST.

  17. How much more BIASED could you possibly be to NEAL MCCOY? The SHIT you call “music” aka Crap, is annoying, and most people HATE IT. The only people who like it are THUGS and wannabe’s. Your article shows just how ignorant you really are. The SHIT that’s called “country” today is a DISGRACE to REAL country. I wouldn’t pay a PENNY to see Taylor Swift or any of those idiots. Neal, George, Waylon, Hank, etc…HELL YES! The “country” artists now make me SICK!

  18. There are a lot problems with rap – lack of musical integrity (drum machines & autotune devices for example) and never (as much as I have ever heard) a positive or uplifting message.
    Because of these types of flaws it would be reasonable to believe it to be a flash in the pan.
    Using the excuse it is “storytelling” is a crap statement. ALL music tells a story. Rap always tells a negative story.
    Even the blues tells enough positive stories to add dimension to the music.
    Rap is one dimensional. Which is one reason why it seems to lack longevity.
    Check in 50 years.
    Rock will be around. Country will be around. Classical will be around. Jazz will be around. But rap will be on the disco channel.
    Not saying there aren’t rappers with legitimate musicians in the band…..I’m sure there are. Do you know of any? I don’t.

  19. neal is and always will be a great family man and the entertainer of every year as far as i am concerned. i would drive anywhere to see him, if it wasn’t i had to work, but when possible i am there regardless of where the seat is. i first saw him at fan fair, then attended a concert at the old nashville nightlife, setting front row next to some gentlemen from wrangler, been a fan every sense. whoever this jeff is doesn’t know what real country music is.

    1. Jeff makes a good poi t I that country music. Stations are gone. The country music stations of today Are yesterday’s pop. I was somewhat surprised to find Jimmy Buffet on on the country station.
      Where Jeff is wrong is he sees longevity for rap. 15-20 years is not longevity. Quality musi. Will last for many many years. Rap isn’t quality. Drum machines and auto tune devices are gimmicks.
      Unfortunately quality country doesn’t get play time either.

  20. Neal posted this article on his facebook page, which is why you are getting so many responses from his fans. Nonetheless, as someone who grew up on rap and country I do see the commonalities in the two and feel that there could be some good country-rap songs made, it just hasn’t been done right yet. LL Cool J and Brad Paisley just set us back further with their monstrosity. I’m working on a hip-hop/R&B album right now. If Neal wants to get together on a track I’d be honored to collaborate with him on a track to truly show you what rap and country can do… and that he’s not opposed to rap as he maybe once was 🙂

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