Today’s Quazcast …

… features the awesome Tommy Dreamer, former WWE star and a helluva storyteller.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.08.07 PMSome background: Tommy and I meet up quite regularly in the courtyard of our nearby elementary school. His daughters are in fourth grade, my son is in second, my daughter is in fifth. We are, generally, the only two fathers there—surrounded by mothers and nannies. As I mentioned to him in the podcast, I consider our presence an ode to people following their dreams. I wanted to write. Tommy wanted to wrestle. They were—by general standards—unconventional careers, with high degrees of difficulty (in terms of success). Yet there were stand, picking up our kids, lathering in the hugs and smiles and warm embraces.

It’s a wonderful thing. And this, I believe, is a wonderful Quazcast episode. Enjoy …

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  1. I remember Tommy going all the way back to IWCCW shows that aired on Sunday Nights on the now defunct, Sports Channel New York.

    I was also fortunate enough to see him work in person in the main event of a memorable ECW taping for (the also defunct) TNN at the Westchester County Center in December of 1999.

    I know it must have come at the expense of countless injurues, but those ECW shows were special and remembered fondly by any of the fans lucky enough to have been there.

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