My unpublished poem

Photo on 3-31-14 at 11.17 PMBack when I was a high school senior, my English teacher had everyone write a poem to be included in an anthology. The theme was reincarnation—what you were once, and what you became.

I wrote mind, and they refused to include it. So, to hell with them. Enough time has passed. I bring to you, 24 years later, my poem from the Mahopac High School Anthology: 1990.

In my past life.

I was in the KKK.

Patronizing minorities.

Spreading Evil Ways.

With my blood-drenched sheets.

And my scary cross.

I was a human devil at large.

A soul who was lost.

But then of all the things.

Who would have knew.

I went to bed in the KKK.

And woke up a Jew.

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  1. That’s a terrible poem, but I can hear a song lyric in there somewhere. Sounds like something from the Magnetic Fields.

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