Maybe the best Facebook exchange I’ve ever had with a retired athlete …

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.21.17 PM I won’t name names, but today I received this note—via Facebook DM—from a former Major League ballplayer:

I have an incredible Testimony to share through a book about my life that I have been praying about for a while. I have been seeking a Co-writer, but have not connected with the right person as of yet? I was looking through a few things yesterday and came across “The Bad Guys Won”! I immediately thought of you. Then while looking on my Facebook page under “people you may know” your profile appeared! Coincident? I think not!!! Anyway, when you have time, please explore my timeline and the various stories, interviews, and documentary that have been posted regarding my life over the past 2 + years. I would love to speak with you when it’s convenient for you to gauge your interest or to seek advice from you. My cell#: XXX-XXX-XXXX E-mail: I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks! GOD BLESS!

I responded thusly:

Jim, as an atheistic Jew, I might not be the right guy to co-author a faith-based book. However, I’d be happy to offer advice, etc …

He replied with this:

I just realized that when I went to your page. No thanks. Take care.

And then he dumped—and blocked!—me as a Facebook friend.

The end.

I guess it wasn’t coincident.

7 thoughts on “Maybe the best Facebook exchange I’ve ever had with a retired athlete …”

  1. Sanford Sklansky

    I am not sure why you are protecting him. If he does come out with a book people are probably going to figure out who it is

  2. What a shame. The discount bin at B&N could sure use another former athlete’s testimony. Especially one with a bonus chapter on how horrible it is dealing with all the unwashed non-believers in the press.

  3. Well, that didn’t turn out at all like I was hoping (although, truthfully, it was pretty much what I expected). I think an atheistic Jew like you would do a marvelous job honing a faith-based testimony book. I’m going to start recommending you to all my ex-athlete Christian friends.

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