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Who invited Andy Phillips?

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The New York Yankees held their 68th annual Old-Timers’ Day yesterday at the stadium.

To say I love Old-Timers’ Day is no exaggeration. I looooooove Old-Timers’ Day. Love it. Not sure why, except that I’m a nostalgia buff who digs dipping back into boyhood. The Yankees, sadly, are the last remaining ballclub to hold such an event, but they do it really well. Name after name after name—Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Joe Torre, Don Larsen, Tino Martinez, Andy Phillips, David Cone, Reggie Jackson, Bucky Dent, Goose Goss—



Andy Phillips?

I hate to be this guy, but, well, how the hell did Andy Phillips snag an invite? Upon seeing his name on the list, I had to do an ol’ Baseball Reference search to recall Phillips’ illustrious Yankee career—during which he .253 with 11 home runs in 203 games between 2003-07. I mean, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wouldn’t induct Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent alongside the original four Kiss members … but Andy Phillips gets to stand along the first base line and wave?


My favorite thought: Somewhere, deep within the overpriced stands, perhaps there was a young boy, eyes glued to the field, thrilled he was able to see his favorite Yankee, George Andrew Phillips, rightly placed among legends.

Eh, probably not.