“We still water the yard once a day.”

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So we’re moving to Southern California in a couple of weeks, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Relocating across the country is hard enough without kids. And earthquakes. And (glub) drought.

By drought, I mean an all-time, all-time, all-time awful drought that is, literally, rendering California dry. It’s beyond bad at this point. People are counting on El Nino arriving this winter to save the day—but El Nino appears likely to make little dent. Which means California will continue to dry and dry and dry and dry and dry and …

I hate thinking about this shit. I love Southern California. Beyond love. The climate, the beaches, the outdoors. Love, love, love. But I’m afraid—beyond merely drying out—that I will punch someone in the fucking face.

Here’s why …

I can deal with rough times. I can deal with conserving. Saving. Rationing. What I can’t deal with—what I absolutely can’t stomach—is selfish/naive indifference. A few moments ago I was IMing with someone who lives in Southern California. I asked about conditions, and she replied with, “There’s always a drought, so honestly I don’t notice any difference in my life. We still water the yard once a day.”

Um … what? You still water your yard? Daily? As your state is draining? As an increasing number of counties are, literally, running OUT of water? Then I started asking around—and tons upon tons of people water their yards every day. They either have sprinkler systems, or stand there with a hose.

I, regrettably, have a big mouth. How will I walk past these people and not say, politely, “Um, what the fucking fuck are you doing, you selfish motherfucker?”

How will I just stroll past?

3 thoughts on ““We still water the yard once a day.””

  1. Yeah, people are silly and short sighted, but California is on the bleeding edge of conservation compared to most all the rest of the states. C’mon out here and enjoy your low-flow showers, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Also dry-scape your yard and then shame the butt off your lush, green lawned neighbours.

  2. City ofv L.A, has deployed Water Cops to fine water-abusers $500. One small step. But you are headed for OC, IDK what they’ve done, but I’ll check it out 4 U.

  3. This is how most Southern Californians think. I lived there for twenty nine years. I strongly advise you and your family to reconsider your move.

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