A somewhat embarrassing admission

Sometimes when I’m up working late, and the house is quiet, and my mind starts to wander, I go to YouTube and watch the above video.

Then I’ll watch another Whitney Houston video.

And another.

And another. And another. And another. And another.


Because music can take you places, and back in 1985, when I was 13 and just starting to realize girls existed, the one I wanted to marry was Whitney Houston.

It’s weird now, considering she morphed into this horrifying, vile crack-addicted creature. But during her prime, Whitney was talented, gorgeous, inspiring. She was graceful in the way of a swan, and I don’t know many men who didn’t find her at least somewhat alluring.

So … yeah. I’ll listen. It makes me have those emotions again.

Those very good emotions.

2 thoughts on “A somewhat embarrassing admission”

  1. Ted, I’m not saying she’s vile because of addiction. I’m saying she was vile because she was, well, vile in myriad ways. The way she treated people, the way she smoked like a chimney, etc. Just a sad decline.

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