Long as you know (Special Omar Moreno Update)


So, wait. I’ve been having an interesting dialogue on Twitter with two women I’ve come to respect—Stephanie Stradley and Ande Wall. Both writers, both work in sports media. And they hated the below post. H-a-t-e-d it. As did a large number of people. But then, a good number also seemed to feel it. Men and women. So I’m leaving the original below. But it opens up an interesting dialogue.

First, the intent wasn’t to comment on women aging, but aging in general. I was (I swear to God on this) speaking from the experience (personal experience) of the body changing; of no longer being able to eat nonstop; of lumps appearing and shapes morphing. It sucks. Really, really sucks. And of the lack of realization that it’s inevitable. That it happens to us all.

That, tied into the modern me-me-me approach to social media, touched a personal nerve. Maybe I went too far. Perception is stronger than reality—and clearly the thing was poorly written because it wasn’t perceived as I’d imagined. Oy. Regardless, I decided to remove the woman’s picture and replace it with a photo of former Yankee outfielder Omar Moreno. Just … because.

Anyhow, here’s the post as it originally ran. Picture a woman in a tight dress, showing off …

Youth is wasted on the young.

Best quote ever, and anyone who’s ever been young can verify its legitimacy. I’m not talking about being a kid, either. My children (ages 11 and 7) are genuinely young, and they appreciate it. Jumping in the pool, running along the sand, ice cream and movie nights. They 100 percent get the coolness of being a child.

No, I’m referring to folks in their 20s. Folks like Venus Lynn.

I don’t know Venus. We’ve never met, and I’m not quite sure how or why I’m following her on Twitter. The other day, however, the above Tweet crossed my line and I immediately thought to myself, “You naive, stupid creature …”

Long as you know?

Long as you know?

Poor Venus. What’s there to know? You’re a hot chick with a sleek body feeding your ego with selifes. And it won’t last. You won’t see it at first, because the morphation (a word I proudly invented) starts slowly. Then it quickens. That lunch you ate doesn’t burn off quite so quickly. The breasts flab out a bit. The butt gets bigger, but not firmer. Wrinkles arrive. Your skin gets a bit freckled from too much sun exposure.

Suddenly, you’re 30. Then 35. Then 40. Maybe you have some tattoos. They were awesome. The Chinese symbol for Sexy Bitch. A teardrop down your spin. They fade. Gradually. They look less like $700 designs, more like splotches.

Nobody looks at you any longer. You’re not an object of desire. You’re just another middle-aged mom cruising the aisles of Costco, looking for a vat of relish for the weekend barbecue.

Long as you know.


8 thoughts on “Long as you know (Special Omar Moreno Update)”

  1. If you write enough words, you will write some regretful ones. I think this blog post is gross in pretty much every respect.

    You don’t know her, yet you feel comfortable enough putting her picture and name on your blog post as an object lesson for your readers to judge this “hot chick” as a “naive, stupid creature.”

    I don’t know her. But if I were to judge you based on this one blog post, I’d say you are a mean, vulgar person who isn’t treating this human without much humanity.

    I’m not a big fan of selfies, but you know what? Good for her. Good for her that she feels good about herself, and will have documentation of a time where she felt that way. She isn’t hurting you with her “ego” as you put it, or her self-confidence or whatever. Why should you care?

    Good for her.

    And, by the way, there are plenty of middle-aged moms in the Costco that are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Likely some who are people’s “object of desire.” (At least at the Costco in my area of the world). So what if they are or aren’t “hot chicks?” People are who they are. What is your point? That women get yucky when they get old? That young women should feel shame about what they look like? That old women should feel shame about what they look like? Or either should hide themselves?

    Women get judged all the time. For being either too this, that, or the other thing. If it isn’t hurting her or anyone else, why the bleep should you care? Terribly patronizing lecturing the youth of the world about the dangers of selfie vanity because some day they will look like crap. I guess that is what your lecture is. I’m not quite sure.

    Long as you know….

    1. Agree 100% Stephanie. This piece is really nasty, body negative, and demonstrates remarkable disregard for this young woman’s autonomy.

  2. I don’t really understand the point of this post… it mainly seems to showcase Mr. Pearlman’s depressing view of life, and the aging process. Why should she be ashamed of celebrating her youthful physique if it will inevitably fade, as the author suggests? If he cannot view older women as ‘objects of desire,’ shouldn’t he encourage women such as Venus to enjoy her youth for as long as it lasts?

  3. I don’t know … I think when you put yourself out there as an object — and it’s tough to argue that the young lady isn’t doing just that — you open yourself up for that type commentary … When you trade on your looks, what happens when you don’t have them? I think that’s the ‘long as you know’ that JP was trying to convey …

  4. Wow, that was pretty rude. Who are you to judge her? Apparently you think all us 40yr old women ” breasts flab out a bit. The butt gets bigger, but not firmer.
    Wrinkles arrive. Your skin gets a bit freckled from too much sun
    exposure” .. unreal. Your another immature judgmental asshole from Mahopac who apparently has proclaimed themselves as a writer. Good job, I hope you grow old alone straing at your flabby wrinkly sun exposured self

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