What about Gerald?

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Um, Gerald, off to the side, please …

So Derek Jeter’s final game at Yankee Stadium was amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Perfect. I loved everything about it, from the standing ovations to the hits to the final triumphant at-bat.

There’s just one thing that irked me.

If you watched coverage of the game, well, anywhere, you know that Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Tino Martinez attended. They were there, supporting their Yankee brother on the stadium infield, fellow soldiers in the Bronx Bomber baseball army that Jeter helped elevate to extraordinary levels.

Almost no one, however, mentioned Gerald Williams—former Yankee outfield and Jeter’s, ahem closest baseball pal.

He was there. On the field. Alongside the others. He hugged Jeter, just as the others did. He smiled and laughed, just as the others did. Gerald played 14 Major League seasons, compiled 780 hits and 85 homers. Was he an all-time legend? Certainly not. But Williams had some excellent years, including 21 homers and 89 RBI with the 2000 Devil Rays.

So why was no one talking about Gerald Williams? Simple. He didn’t fit the desired narrative. He’s not a household name, not a member of the Core Four, not a managerial guru like Torre. He’s just a friendly dude who loved and admired Derek Jeter.

That should be enough.

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