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Celebrities are people.

They truly are. I once spoke with Lou Piniella, Seattle Mariners manager at the time, as he smoked a cigarette, ate a hoagie and urinated. It was gross. I’ve been farted on be celebrities. I’ve had celebrities cry in front of mine. I’ve seen celebrities freak out, rage, shout, laugh. Celebrities make tons of money. Celebrities go broke. Celebrities are born. Celebrities die.

In short, celebrities are human.

Really, they are.

That’s what makes the front page of the New York Post so … awful. So … ridiculous.

So mean.

I know the photo was a PR thing. I know the Clintons are political animals. I get it. But the birth of a grandchild is amazing. It’s a beautiful thing, newspaper political leanings be damned. It should be ignored but, if not ignored, celebrated. The 42nd president of the United States and the former secretary of state are now Grandma and Grandpa. That’s fantastic.

The front page, ahem, wasn’t.

But here’s what gets me: Post editors love this shit. They love the angry reaction; love the attention. It’s never about righteousness. Solely about sells and views.

So, congrats, New York Post.

You continue to suck.