Florida Fans

In case you missed it, at the start on tonight’s Florida gubernatorial debate, Rick Scott, Republican incumbent, refused to take the stage.

It seems two two candidates—Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist—agreed to several conditions beforehand, one of which was that no electronic devices could be used. Crist then had a small electric fan by his feet, which apparently set off Scott. He took several minutes to finally appear, after initially telling people he wouldn’t debate at all.


My pal Michael Lewis called me, livid at Scott. He rightly described the governor as a clown and a fool and a moron. I agree. It was petty, stupid stuff; the reason folks don’t trust politicians.

That being said … I have little-to-no doubt that Crist and Co. knew exactly what they were doing. I’m sure, somehow, they realized the fan violated the spirit of the agreement, and that Scott would be pissed and probably act like a baby. Which, well, he did. And he looked foolish.

Point, Crist.

Really, though, no point for Crist. Because this stuff sucks. It’s old and stale and lame, and I’m tired of everything having to do with politics and the maneuvering and the slickness. I’ve lost my patience and my interest. It’s one rich dude debating another rich dude, trying to tell us why their richness will help our poverty.

It sucks.