The angry old man

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So I pulled up to my new favorite coffee shop out here in Southern California, and there was only one parking spot left. Regrettably, it was reduced in size by, oh, 17 percent by this obnoxious vehicle and a truly awful job of maneuvering the wheel …

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.36.20 PMI’m a nice guy. Well, I think I’m a nice guy. But I have my moments. They usually involve either:

1. Hard-core conservatives who call Obama a Muslim.

2. Folks who leave their trays of half-eaten food on a table at restaurants that call for patrons to clean for themselves.

3. Circus clowns.

4. Bad parkers.

Shit, I hate bad parking. I really, really do. Because, when you exit your vehicle, you inevitably have to realize that you did a shit job. In particular, I hate shit parkers who drive inexcusably large vehicles that get less than 10 miles per gallon. I mean, if you’re gonna choose a tank as your means of transportation, at least park it well.

Long story short, I left this note …

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And now I feel like an asshole.

Because it was mean and unnecessary.

6 thoughts on “The angry old man”

  1. Not mean.
    Know a guy that complained his car got keyed. Seems he took 2 spots close in at a mall during the holiday season….that was mean, but he probably deserved it.
    I would have said, “keep practicing maybe someday you will be able to put that thing between the lines.”

  2. I once returned to my car to find that someone had parked so close to it, I couldn’t get the driver’s door open let alone get in it. I scrawled “NICE PARK JOB ASSHOLE” in the dirt on his rear window.

  3. I once went to the mall with a girl who took more than one spot by parking poorly. When we returned to her car someone had left a note that said, “You park like an asshole.” It was hard for me to muster up the outrage on her behalf, because she essentially did. I managed not to laugh, though, so that was something.

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