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My cousin’s escape

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I have a cousin named Daniel. He’s four years younger and probably 40 IQ points higher.

Today, he sent me an e-mail that said:


I can’t text anymore…traded in the smart phone for a flip phone.  Going old school so I can relearn to master boredom.  Anyway, just letting you know.

I am so jealous.

I truly am.

Because I work in media, I feel like I need to be media. Or, at the least, rely on media. Therefore, I’m here all the time. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. On my laptop. On my phone. And, truly, I’m sick of it, Sick of the narcissism, sick of the self-indulgence, since of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian and pop culture nonsense that impacts my life nary an iota.

I don’t want to be a slave to modern technology, yet I’m a slave to modern technology.

And my awesome cousin has been liberated.

Damn him.