The Obama bitch slap

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I’ve long been a fan of political theatre, and I’ve long been a really big fan of bitch slaps—when a public figure just nails another person straight in the jaw.

There was this, of course …

And, to a lesser extent, this …

Usually, however, smackdowns take place in the midst of debates, when two people are staring down one another, notes on a table, just waiting … waiting … waiting to strike. BAM! This was different. it was a rare spur-of-the-moment magical exchange, when Republicans snidely interrupted the State of the Union with bullshit sarcastic applause, and the president, well, hit back …


2 thoughts on “The Obama bitch slap”

  1. Great. Our president got his zinger in, and the country is worse off by far than it was eight years ago. Congratulations on scoring points off the other guy.

    Hope and change.

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