Marshawn Lynch has nothing to say

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Toward the end of my time at Sports Illustrated, being around athletes started to make me feel quite pathetic.

In a way, it was more about me than them. I was reaching my early 30s, and I no longer enjoyed chasing people around, begging for five minutes of time, hoping so-and-so would grace me with his generally lame-and-boring insights on how he was able to take a wood stick and hit a small white object very, very hard. I hated it in strong and profound ways, so much so that I left the magazine to take a non-sports job with Newsday.

To be clear: I’m not saying I was better than anyone. I wasn’t. I’m just saying, well, I felt like a turd tool. Or a tool turd. Or … whatever.

Which leads me to Marshawn Lynch, the bruising Seattle Seahawks halfback who refuses to speak to the press—ever. As has now been reported, oh, 8,654,321 times, Lynch made his requisite appearance at yesterday’s Super Bowl Media Day, and answered every question with the exact same words: “I’m just here so I won’t be fined.”

No matter …

“I’m just here so I won’t be fined.”

… who asked …

“I’m just here so I won’t be fined.”

… Lynch stated the same thing repeatedly.

“I’m just here so I won’t be fined.”

But here’s the thing that just gets me: Why do reporters keep asking Lynch questions? Why don’t they simply ignore him? Act as if he doesn’t exist? I mean, I get the humor. But this isn’t merely about humor. It’s about the eternal power differential between media and athlete, and why the long and storied relationship exists. In this case (as in all cases), reporters are the kicked dogs, always returning to our owners, tail between legs. And here’s the other thing: I 100-percent guarantee Lynch enjoys this. It’s not merely about refusing to talk. It’s about watching people ask. Embracing the frustration. Knowing you’re a wealthy athlete, they’re not wealthy athletes.

Personally, I don’t give two shits whether Marshawn Lynch speaks or doesn’t speak.

I simply want my peers to stop asking the questions.

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5 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch has nothing to say”

  1. I love what Marshawn is doing.
    He would rather not deal with the press.
    He sort of reminds me of Ricky Williams. Instead of getting stoned to deal with anxiety, or whatever it is that is bothering him, he just repeats the same answer over and over.
    He would rather not be there but is forced to be there so he deals with it in his own way.
    He is a football player not a pitch man.

  2. Totally agree with JOregon. A lot of athletes do like to torment the press, like Jeff is talking about. I just don’t think Lynch is one of them. He’d rather be left alone. The NFL forces him to sit there, so he just repeats the same thing over and over again. What I don’t get is why the reporters bother asking him question after question. If anything, it’s like they’re exerting the power play over Lynch. They know he doesn’t want to be there, but they keep asking their questions anyway because he’s being forced to respond.

  3. What gets me is how many of the media are angry with Lynch because he won’t play along, even though the odds of him saying anything of note is nil. AND THEY KNOW THAT!!! Instead, they act insulted and offended that this man won’t answer their ridiculously banal,worthless questions. Lynch OWES IT TO THE FANS AND THE NFL dammit, how dare he not perform on cue for them.

    Screw them. Keep it up, Mr. Lynch.

    Sorry for shouting.

  4. Basically there are a lot of reporters who want face time. They will do anything to get on television, so they kept asking him questions. Skip Bayless wannabees!

  5. Hey jeff what made you move to Orange County? I live in Orange County? You have always caught me as a liberal, and you moved to the OC. You and me are the only liberals in the oc.

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