Death of a Quaz


In a couple of hours I’ll be posting the 192nd Quaz.

Man, I love the Quaz. Really, really love it. I’ve lived much of my life as a collector—baseball cards, Complete Handbooks, old Sports Illustrateds, interviews. It’s just how I’ve sorted my way through life, and I’d say—without much debate—that my greatest life collection is the 191 Q&As I’ve conducted, and the people behind them. It’s insanely meaningful to me. Hopefully, it’s insanely meaningful to some of you, too.

I’m babbling.

It’s with tremendous sadness that, a few minutes ago, I learned of the first Quaz to die. Her name was Kathleen Tonski, and she was the 38th in the series (at the time, her last name was Osgood). I randomly came upon her beautiful blog one day, and immediately posted a comment, asking whether she’d be down for a Q&A. Kathleen had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, but insisted on living as vibrantly and passionately as one could.

She succeeded in a big way.

Anyhow, I visited her blog today, and this was the final entry, dated Dec. 17, 2014 …

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.01.22 PM

I didn’t know Kathleen personally.

But I sort of feel like I’ve lost a family member.

Rest in peace …

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