Congrats, racist frat boy. You’re unemployable.

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I don’t know this guy’s name, but I’m guessing many people do. He’s a student at the University of Oklahoma, as well as an apparently loud and proud (and bigoted) member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

He’s also fucked.

In case you missed this one, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s chapter on the Oklahoma campus has been closed after the surfacing of a video featuring fraternity members joyfully, enthusiastically letting loose a racist chant on a bus ride to a formal. Hell, why babble any longer. Here’s the actual footage …

If you couldn’t understand, the idiots were chanting, “There will never be a nigger in SAE.” And, indeed, they are correct. There will never be “a nigger” in SAE. Or a kike, a honky, a Spic or a three-headed lion named Albert. Why? Because SAE is dead. Gone. Officially off campus, and likely never to return.

But better than the expulsion of the organization is the public shaming and humiliation of some of those involved. In particular, I mourn nary a second for Jim Bob, (my pretend name for) the boob pictured above. Right now, I imagine, he’s back home at Mommy and Daddy’s house, crying beneath his Snoopy comforter, wondering how in the world he went from high-flying keg stand dude to Mark Fuhrman (Odds are 50/50 he grew up with a LeBron or Andre Johnson poster on his wall). He has humiliated his friends, his family, his fraternity, himself—and it’s well deserved and justified. Hell, just Google “Oklahoma” and “racist” and “fraternity,” and this is what you’ll find …

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.10.25 PMJim Bob, a little tip: Racism never pays.

Welcome to hell.

25 thoughts on “Congrats, racist frat boy. You’re unemployable.”

  1. This isn’t true sir. He can go work for his dad, or an SAE alum. These are kids, caught up in the moment. Have we forgotten this is a private organization? I wonder what the black frats sing sbout? Maybe even consider the fact that BLACK only frats exist. I’d like to see there be a WHITE only frat, oh wait that’s racist.

      1. I agree with you completely, but I have to wonder. What is it with the word obtuse?
        The past few months it seems to be the favorite word on everyone’s keyboard.
        I’m not being critical, it is a very good word and you use it well.
        I’m just old and am wondering why it has popped up.
        Maybe I’m just obtuse.

      2. Antonio D'Arcangelis

        I feel it is more effective way of implying something is bluntly preventing people from understanding the intellectual side of things, rather than the inflammatory “stupid” or “dense” or the offensive “retarded.” It also effectively illustrates something akin to the square peg in a round hole — since obtuse means blunt-edged, rather than sharp. It’s definitely a euphemism, no doubt, but one that remains a personal favorite and has less sting than calling someone “stupid.”

      3. Antonio D'Arcangelis

        Also, it’s from Shawshank Redemption, when Andy Dufresne asks the warden “How can you be so obtuse?” after denying his request to write for an appeal and gets three months in the hole.

      4. The only difference between halal and kosher slaughter is that in kosher slaughter, the rabbi must first fellatiate all the male animals, this has a calming effect… for the rabbi.

    1. He probably will be hired by his dad or an SAE alum. Hell, his dad might *be* an SAE alum. Probably chanted the same thing himself. Does that make them right? My answer – and I couldn’t be more emphatic – is a resounding NO.

      Do I believe that this young man should be punished the rest of his life for making a mistake? No. I’ve said some enormously stupid things in my lifetime (albeit never dumb enough to say any of them on video) and I honestly believe that a person can learn from their mistakes. Instead of defending this young man and hiding behind the faulty premise of “I bet black fraternities do the same thing”, let’s focus on the fact that he did make a mistake and try to do better as a society. I mean, for crying out loud, aren’t we supposed to be better than this? Even SAE’s creed states that it expects to have members “who thinks of the rights and feelings of others rather than his own”.

      Also, before you go on claiming that OU had no right to shut the fraternity down, you should click on the link that Jeff provided. SAE national closed the OU chapter, not the university.

      1. I think it is more than just a mistake, I think it is a window into his heart.
        Hearts can change, but his employment opportunities have certainly shrunk.

      2. You’re right. Hearts can change. I’m fairly certain he’s been expelled for this, so he’s severely limited his options. I agree that there need to be repercussions for his actions, but this public shaming and repeated pillorying of people in social media, news sites, blogs, etc. has to calm down.

        As I said, I hope this young man learns something about this. Failure is a probably one of the greatest teachers of all and this kid failed miserably. He should’t have to pay for it for the rest of his life; which will be challenging because the internet never forgets.

      3. Let’s have the civil war already, while I’m still young enough (33) to fight it…

        If Iran nukes Israel, the Palestinian fílth also dies in the fallout… not my problem… If Assad Pest Control Service is spraying a few Salafist cóckroaches… not my problem…

        If they are still a little bútt hurt over no gay pride nonsense at the Sochi Olympics, they need to slap some salve on it… Russia has real soldiers on their border and no gay pride marches in their army… imagine that.

        What young man in his right mind would march off to war against the great Russian bear with cúm drunk ássholes like that in charge?

        The “chosen parasites” need to leave me out of it, I don’t owe them anything, they need to fight their own wars…

    2. No, black only frats do not exist. TRADITIONALLY black frats began at colleges that were founded when white colleges wouldn’t admit black students. They do not ban any other ethic groups. Why are you minimizing this behavior? These “kids” are old enough to know better. Sadly, you’re correct that they’ll get jobs in their daddies companies. After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the racist tree

    3. I’m in a black fraternity and we don’t “sing” about white people.. My fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi actually accepts men of all creeds. One of our 5 objectives clearly states that we Unite college men of honor, culture, and patriotism in a bond of fraternity.. Just so you know…

  2. Caught up in the moment? That’s delusional. Who chants venomous bigoted hate with a huge smile by accident. Just own it. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with the definition of racism, bigotry and bias. There are not the same thing.

  3. SAE’s are not SigEps. Let’s report this accrately. SigEp is Sigma Phi Epsilon. No one innocent neets to be associated with this.

  4. I don’t know if I am comfortable with their expulsion. What they said was terrible, shameful, disgusting. And I have no idea what the appropriate punishment should be.

    Freedom of speech includes the freedom to say stupid things.

    I just don’t know if that’s where I want them to draw the line for the First Amendment.

    1. The legal right to freedom of speech does not
      equal freedom from the social consequences of your speech. This kid isn’t being
      thrown in jail by jack-booted feds for what he said. His fraternal
      organization’s leadership shut them down and the university is expelling him. This
      is civil society saying this behavior is unacceptable, not the government. He
      is not being censored by the government. That’s an important distinction. People
      need to remember that the organizations we are members of and work for have
      rules and expectations for one’s behavior as representatives of those
      organizations. If you don’t follow those rules and live up to those expectations, then
      there are consequences. Speech has social consequences, as it always has.

      1. But the school is a state institution. The fraternity wants to boot him? Fine. Companies don’t want to hire him? Their choice. I completely understand those ramifications of his actions.

        It’s the expulsion from a state run school that is giving me the problems, because that’s acting to limit free (yes stupid, hurtful, ignorant, etc.) speech.

      2. Yes, and state funds, support all students. You are allowed to have a private organization on this public campus, at the will of the majority of the public. Most people hate this type of speech. Ignorant and hateful. HANG a N from a tree. Really, you think this should not receive consequences? You do have freedom to be ignorant. You do not have protection from consequences. Period.

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