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I have a Twitter problem.

Really, I do.

Logically, I should be using Twitter solely (or at least primarily) as a promotional tool for books. Reach out to readers, engage, take questions. But, quite often, I wind up getting into battles with Tea Party loyalists and those I’d consider, eh, crazy folks.

I’m talking about people who love “my guns and my God” (in that order) or who have 1,001 nasty things to say about Obama (I’m not referring to lines like, “The president’s health plan blows.” I’m referring to lines like, “Obama is a communist Nazi who should be impeached and sent back to Kenya.”). For me, it’s like a bull seeing a red cape—I charge ahead, horns aimed straight at the heart, closer and closer and closer …

But here’s the issue: It never goes anywhere. I Tweet, the person Tweets back, then I Tweet back and he/she Tweets back. Then a bunch of other Tea Party folks catch wind and jump in. And suddenly you’re engaging with 10 instead of one, and they all think you’re a “libtard” and they all want smaller government and Ted Cruz and more guns and NRA expansion and, well, yeah. I end up blocking the person, the person celebrates a victory (“Those liberals never want to debate”) and I feel like I just smoked two packs of cigarettes.

Boy, LeBron is just unstoppable …

4 thoughts on “Twitter, Tea Party, Me”

  1. Sanford Sklansky

    I usually don’t get into it with the these people on twitter. The other day I tweeted a link on some ones comment about Pam Gellar. It was from some one’s blog I read. He writes about people like Gellar, Glen Beck, people that are anti gay. He mainly put out passages to what these people write or video and lets them be hoisted on their own petard. The crazies on twitter really don’t want to engage in any discussion as they really live in a bubble One of the people I was going back in forth blocked me even though I didn’t follow her. I have also been blocked by Todd Starnes from Fox. I have tweeted to him things that the person I follow I have written. I have even been blocked by our LT Governor for Wisconsin, despite the fact that I have never cursed or said any thing derogatory. The funny thing is I set up another twitter account and haven’t been blocked by her.

  2. I don’t do twitter so maybe I’m wrong, it just seems 140 characters isn’t enough for anything other than Troll like blurbs
    You’ll never be a

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