The woman and her phone

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I’m spending the day working at one of my favorite coffee shops, transcribing interview after interview. My mind is melting, my eyes are glazed, my back aches. So, yeah, I’m in a bad mood, and this blog post comes from a particularly dark place.

In a sentence: The woman pictured above needs to get off her phone and shut up.

Seriously. You’re in a coffee shop. People are sitting, eating, working, relaxing. There are friends meeting friends, students working on papers, angry authors trying to sludge through the grind. We’re all here because being here beats being somewhere else. It’s a relaxed place. It’s a kind place. The mojo is excellent. Whatever.

I’ll give you five minutes on your phone. You’ve got plans, a meeting to schedule. OK—five minutes. But it’s now been about an hour. And you haven’t stopped talking. Loudly. From the middle table.

And yeah, I know—I’m old. This is what people do. Get with the times.


Nobody has enjoyed sharing in your conversation. Probably not even the person you’re speaking with.

OK. I’m leaving. And I feel better.

 PS: I know … I know—not cool taking her picture. Probably so. But I’m allowed to have my moments. 🙂

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