Lynne Russell says “Nothing to Debate”

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Lynne Russell, the woman who had an armed plastic bride and an armed plastic groom atop her wedding cake, says there’s “nothing to debate” about the Second Amendment and carrying a firearm. She wrote such in a Fox News opinion piece that included the passage, “Get a gun, get legal, be responsible, trust yourself. Don’t trust yourself? Then don’t carry. But for God’s sake then, shut the f**k up about it, because that’s where your involvement ends.”


Russell says she’s been through hell, and the lesson learned: Carry a gun.

The back story: Recently Russell and her husband were attacked by an armed assailant. He broke into their room, wanted to take their stuff. Bad guy, bad motives. As he was pointing the gun toward Lynne, Chuck (the husband, and a U.S. Army Special Forces guy), “maneuvered himself in front of the small table between the beds, concealing two small .380 legal handguns we’d brought in from the car.”

Lynne tried distracting the assailant as she slipped Chuck a pocketbook with one of the weapons. Wrote Lynne: “The assailant grew agitated as I again walked across the room, splitting his concentration. He was making wild passes with his gun. Finally he lunged at the briefcase in front of me, and headed for the door. For a second, I thought he’d leave. Instead, he opened fire on my husband. Chuck returned fire, emptying his gun even as he was bleeding profusely. Bottom line: Assailant DOA in the parking lot. My hero recovering from five gunshot wounds. We both are alive. Now, ask me how I feel about the right to bear arms.”

Um, I’ll ask a question: Would this guy have shot your husband had you just handed him your pocketbook? Was he there to kill people and wind up serving life for armed robbery, or there to simply make a quick score? Does he have a murderous rap sheet that suggests an impulse to kill? Or a bunch of petty robberies?

In other words, while I don’t doubt Lynne Russell’s integrity, I do question elements of a neatly wrapped narrative. I also hate the cowboy mentality of gun owners; the “I’d rather shoot this out than surrender the $20 in my pocket” thinking.

I’m done.

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  1. Crook brandishes a weapon you have to assume he is prepared to use it. Use weapon in commission of a robbery you are taking risk you will be put down. Worst thing we did as a society is get so civilized that it emboldened crooks to believe there is no danger to them when they pose a danger to others. A few more get put down maybe countless lies will be saved by youths seeing it is not a safe profession.

    1. If the story they tell is true, the perp did something he never did before, and that is, shoot. He shot after he had what he wanted and was on his way out the door. If, on the way out the door, he was shot at by de Caro, the story changes, does it not? This is what Jeff is trying to point out. We don’t know the full story here, just what one party has said, and the MO of the perp. Right now, those two things don’t jibe. This is all Jeff is pointing out.

      I am personally with Russell and de Caro in doing what they can to defend themselves. If the criminal is on his way out the door, however, it is a whole different scenario to shoot them at that time. de Caro may have been missing some possessions, but he also wouldn’t have been shot 5 times, and possibly died.

      1. Get a fucking clue MORON! What is it with you brain dead subhuman commie vermin insisting on siding with criminals 100% of the time?!!?

      2. Fuck you COMMIE!!! I am NOt a libtard therefore there is zero evidence of mental illness on my part MORON!

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  2. You dope. YOU WORM. You child. You maggot-infested, dope smoking, Obama Pajama Boy.

    Do you know many poor innocent souls have paid for your mentally ill appeasement of criminals? How many people whose blood has been shed by absolute dirt ball maggots?


    SO MANY scum bags say they will let victims go whenever they get what they need — sex, drugs, money, a vehicle, etc. But you know what? MANY get a bullet to the brain.

    ANY TIME you have a chance to take a dirt ball out, you take it. My father always told me, die on your feet. Once they tie you up, no matter what they say, you’re dead.

    That is a metaphor here. Not only did this absolute piece of human garbage rob, the couple, he was stalking them. He pushed Russell into the room. GOD only knows what drugs he was on — what he thought he might be able to get away with. I p*ss on his grave, and on you.

      1. Why? What is so great about this article? Maybe you care about life to a large degree and don’t want to see anyone injured or killed ever, maybe you are a complete pacifist. I get that. But that is not reality, when faced with life or death a person has to make a decision that nobody else has a right to judge except investigators and if warranted a jury. Be reasonable. This is a couple that were faced with an armed intruder, they had the legal right to respond with deadly force. End of subject.

      2. I believe Peter was replying to JonBarleyCorn and praising his post. Not pearlwoman’s

    1. Jesus said:
      Luke CH 6 Verse 29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.

      1. God is all knowing, and all powerful. If the heavenly father wants you to get shot in the face, well then turn the other cheek, and get shot in the face.
        PS-I’m just repeating what I heard in church.

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        How did you get out of your padded cell?

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      7. Please point out where I’ve defended him. Your debate skills seem to be limited to using all caps, cuss words and name-calling, pretty much the same stupid statements over and over. Did you forget to take your meds today?

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        What facts have you presented? You keep talking about people’s penises so you’ve clearly got a one-track mind, girly girl.


      10. No seriously – show me how one of my comments is FOR Pearlman or in agreement with him. Come on little girl – I’m sure you can do it if you try weally weally hard!

      11. You’re hilarious dude. Predictable as fuck, lame, immature and worst of all, I totally OWN you when it comes to repartee. You suck at this – you really should get some bullshit.

      12. Face the facts commie lover. It is after 40 plus years of experience in the peoples’ Republik of commiefornia that has taught me your methods are futile. Creatures as stupid as pearlwoman cannot be reasoned with or taught. So holding back the truth to spare their feelings is a complete waste of time and energy. There is NOTHING you or anyone else on this planet can say to change what firsthand experience has taught me. If you want to suck up to the commies to try to appeal to better natures they do not posses, feel free to waste your time. But don’t you DARE go after me for knowing them better than you!

      13. I don’t hold back the truth, Einstein…I just use adult words that people will actually listen to. I’ve never sucked up to a commie in my life.

        You, on the other hand, are doing their dirty work for them. You clearly know nothing and you might as well be a sympathizer since you’re so intellectually bereft.

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      15. Please provide a quote that demonstrates “sucking up to the far left.”

        Can you engineer that?

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      18. And I didn’t say you are too mean. I said you’re spewing vulgar nonsense that is devoid of constructive value, so all you like like is a jerk.


  3. HEY Jeff , stick to your softball sports where everyone like you live in a fantasy world . People like you give the criminal the benefit of the dought not the victim. How do you know he wouldn’t rape her or shoot them OH YEAH you knew what he was thinking. . One more thing you can tell not to many people read your articles because there’s no comments.

  4. disqus_JH46PfZ9Ll

    You are an idiot. Hope you get robbed or attacked one you will wish you’d had a gun. What a wuss! Cower down to criminals like a spineless coward. Get some balls!

  5. FACT: The “perp” DID “get” something from them–a briefcase–then, as he was LEAVING, he SHOT AT her husband–I find it absolutely AMAZING that brain-dead PUTZES like YOU conveniently LEAVE OUT facts that “distort” YOUR version of what happened. Typical “thinking” of a liberal, IF it can be CALLED “thinking!” sigh… DONE is indeed what you ARE!!! stupidpeoplebelievestupidthingsjeffperalmanisexhibita

    1. This is the “fact” as it is presented by Russell and de Caro. It is not a known fact yet, a police investigation will be able to confirm this (if there is an investigation). The fact that this perp has never shot at someone makes the cynic in me wonder if the story is true. Why would he, when he finally got what he wanted and is running out the door, turn and fire? It’s not his MO. That is the “fact” that Jeff pointed out in his article.

      1. That Jeff PRESUMES to KNOW what the “perp” was thinking is absolutely ASININE—trained “professionals” can’t do that–some opinionated ASSHOLE here has NO such ability EITHER—Keep sticking UP for him–you “Jeffies” need to stick together, apparently… LMFAO

      2. He does not presume to know anything, he is just going on what Russell said, that the perp was on the way out the door.

      3. He intimated that the guy WOULD NOT have shot at them–what WAS it that CAUSED that ridiculous thought? Keep sticking UP for him, “Jeffie!” LMAO

    2. Great point Bob!

      Typical Liberal tactic — lying by omission.

      Oddly enough, it is one of the tactics the Koran espouses when dealing with infidels:

      Taqiyya – Saying something that isn’t true.

      Kitman – Lying by omission. An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind”)
      while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of “corruption” and “mischief.”

  6. ConcernedCitizen

    It’s in your best interest to stick to sports as your foray into political commentary may well end your career because judging by these responses you are way too far on the wrong side of things to survive.

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    1. Luke CH 6 Verse 29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat also.

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    2. Those of us who support gun rights and do so in a thoughtful, factual manner, don’t appreciate your vulgar diatribe. You’re not helping…please STFU.

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      5. Bob, please point out where I stuck up for Jeff. Oh that’s right you can’t – because I didn’t. Nice going Einstein…

        This has nothing to do with Marxists and little Trevor running around calling everyone else a faggot – you don’t have to be vulgar loudmouth boor to be firm, succinct and stick to the facts…but too many people like you argue like little liberal brats.

      6. It’s called fighting fire with napalm MORON!! Hell yes I am using libtard tactics against them. Then laughing at how butthurt the Marxist loons get finally being on the receiving end. Funny how they consider it a legitimate debate tactic when they’re dishing it out but not when it’s thrown back at them.

      7. So you’re complaining about libtard tactics and then using them? I guess that makes you a hypocrite, not to mention a coward since you launch you nasty middle school insults while hiding behind your computer. Name-calling is the last bastion of a “man” who has lost the debate or has no facts. I completely disagree with Pearlman’s comments but I’m going to address that in ways that people of like minds will have no way of disputing.

        It’s not a legitimate debate tactic and you do far more harm than good. I’m sorry yo mama didn’t teach you any manners. Grow up.

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        You need to stay home and play your video games and have mommy make dinner for you.

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  8. I’m not going to call you a bunch of names or make assumptions as to your beliefs. However, I will just simply say this. Nobody, but the investigators have a right to determine if this was a righteous shooting. I will say this as well, any time an armed intruder enters a dwelling place and threatens in anyway that leaves ground for protecting yourself with the use of deadly force. Arm chair quarterbacking does nothing except drive up somebody’s ratings and rile people up.

  9. Pretty convenient for Jeff to pontificate about something he knows nothing about. If the criminal did not intend on using his weapon, why was it loaded you dimwit? My Sister is still alive because she had a handgun and used it in her own home.

    She waited in her bedroom closet for the perp after she hung up on 911. Perp opened closet door, she fired 3 shots, he fired into the ceiling once and a couple of feet over her head with his last shot and breath.

    She had a 4 year old boy at the time and was a single mother to boot. Yes, Lynn is right. People like Jeff should just STFU already and do some reflection about how really out of touch he is with reality.

    1. Loaded? The perp fired first in this case. So first the criminal forced his way into their hotel room. Then robbed them. Then with their briefcase in his hands, started shooting. Yet still the ignorant Marxist loon pearlwoman sides with the criminal and cries that justice was served.

      1. I agree. Pretty dumb analogy of a violent crime he shared no part in. Of course Lil Jeffy likes to twitter without any debate either….go figure.

        Kind of like MSNBC, who don’t like a real debate, all the while they belittle and demonize their opponents freely without any feedback from other side.

        Jon Stewart is a big intellectual p*ssy like that too.

      2. I completely disagree with Pearlman but what does that have to do with Marxism? Are you really that stupid…Trevvy?

      3. Quit lying COMMIE!! ALL you are doing here is attacking a Conservative for disagreeing with your boyfriend pearlwoman! I am NOT condemning this couple, therefore there is zero evidence of stupidity against me MORON!

      4. Ummm…you’re not a conservative. You’re an intellectually bereft troll whose pink panties are in a big fat wad. Conservatives have class…you? Get back to your video games and soiled copies of Playgirl.

      5. WRONG AS ALWAYS COMMIE!!! You quislings who suck up to the left are NOT conservatives! No matter how nice you are to VERMIN like pearlwoman, they will NEVER learn anything MORON! It is a complete waste of time and energy.

      6. I don’t think you have any right calling anyone else vermin when you are not even that high up on the evolutionary scale yourself. Also, you are clearly are a detriment to the conservative cause. Isn’t it time for your mommy to nuke you a frozen dinner?

      7. You don’t think PERIOD commie lover! If you could think, you’d be attacking the leftist loons here instead of me!

      8. You’re the one who keeps talking about it dude. I think you’re almost out of the closet. What does your boyfriend look like? Does he like video games too?

  10. The sad part is, Jeff, that people actually think the way you do. It’s ok not to be interested in guns. What’s not ok is to play the mental gymnastics you go through in order to support your narrative.

    When someone comes into a room and confronts you with a gun, you don’t try to psychoanalyze them and determine if they only want your wallet and they’ll leave nicely. If you can stall or possibly get away with just handing them your wallet, of course…but you cannot ASSUME anything about someone pointing a gun at you. What if he’s on drugs? What if he’s mentally ill? What if he hates people like you? What if he doesn’t want any witnesses?

    if you have access to a gun and the training to use it against someone of unknown mental condition with a gun, it makes complete sense to do so. All your mealy-mouthed second-guessing is fine for you…but don’t try to force other people to accept being a possible victims on your terms.

    1. I say bravo as well, except we don’t know (outside of what Russel and de Caro has said) what happened in this case. The perp was out the door and he turned and fired? This guy has never fired a gun in a crime before. If they were just defending themselves, more power to them. But we don’t know the full story here.

      1. Wow, you’re up to a whopping 6% of your posts attacking the leftwing loons who are the REAL enemy. Don’t strain yourself.

      2. Ha! Calling me a leftwing loon just because I have a question? Let’s take a look at you for a second here. You call people commie, leftwing loon, faggot; you tell people they should spontaneously combust. There is more, but I need not go on. This doesn’t make you a right wing hero… it doesn’t even make you a left wing lunatic. It makes you a troll. Sorry, troll. I won’t feed you anymore than this post. And others should follow suit. Once you go hungry once you lose the attention you think you deserve, you’ll wither up an go away.

      3. Is that REALLY all you got? I mean, you can’t think of anything else to say?

        Maybe your mom will take you to see Magic Mike and you can drool in the darkness.

      4. Being a brain dead subhuman lying Marxist FAGGOT like you doesn’t take creativity MORON! You’re the ignorant far left FUCKTARD who keeps sucking up to libtards while violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment RETARD!!! Then you have the fucking GALL to pretend that doing so somehow makes you a better conservative when it really just exposes what a lying far left LOON you truly are!

      5. Why do you keep talking about giving head to guys Trevor? Is that your not-so-secret fantasy?

      6. I was stuck at home last night with nothing to do and playing with you was more fun than watching my toenails grow. You have issues and you’re a social misfit. As much as I oppose left wing loons, you clearly don’t understand that your attacks only make the right look like assholes and you don’t care because you can clearly get out whatever anger your inner child is suffering by calling everyone commies and talking about gay oral sex.

        It’s kinda funny but it’s mostly sad. Have you considered seeing a therapist before you end up killing a bunch of people?

      7. I keep thinking that you might come up with something more to say. How foolish of me. Eternally the optimist…oh well!

      8. And you too wish to give the benefit of the doubt not to the victims but the robber. Why is that?

  11. What an asinine show of victim shaming on your part. You seemingly have some sort of insight into the mind and the intent of the “FELON” who attacked the woman. You believe it is better to submit, than to resist? Really? My God man, did your balls never drop? I hope and pray that you are never faced with such a situation or worse yet, a loved one of yours whom you could have potentially protected but instead decided to allow the criminal to do their thing and go…and they are the ones who end up dead, violated, stripped of their humanity in front of your incredibly pathetic eyes.

  12. She and her husband would be dead when the THUG opened fire if they had not been armed. This is Obvious. She and her husband are Heroes.

    1. Which is why the leftwing loons like Pearlwoman are so pissed at her. Hell, she used to anchor at Commie News Network. Yet the fact that she stood up for herself and refused to lay down and just take it upsets her own people. How dare she not just hand over everything she owned to the criminal! How dare she not just lay down and let him rape and murder her!

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