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Over the past two days, ever since I wrote a couple of posts about Lynne Russell and guns, I’ve been called a “libtard” about 100 times.

Hence, I’d like to offer this sincere advice to those who call people “libtards”: Don’t call people “libtards.”

Asshole—fine. Dipshit—OK. Nimrod—dated, but fine. Cuntboy, penis head, bastard, sob, son of a bitch, son of a beee-yatch, whore sniffer, anal cavity—all decent and approved. But “libtard”? No.

No, no, no.

A “libtard,” if you haven’t gathered this, combines “liberal” and “retard” into one neat package. Thereby suggesting that the person who uses “libtard” as an adjective also feels comfortable saying “retard” as an adjective. For those of you who use “libtard” or “retard,” an adjective is a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it. For those of you who use “libtard” or “retard” and don’t fully understand what this (a word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it) means, an adjective is a descriptive word.

I digress. “Libtard” is an ugly word that just doesn’t help your cause. Sure, it’ll rally 20 of your dumbest Confederate flag-waving friends. But otherwise, it just makes you sound like a really dumb, really obnoxious, gun-waving, Obama-bashing, Palin-coveting tool.

In other words, keep it up.

PS: Yes, we’re trying to turn your kids gay and black.

6 thoughts on “Libtard”

  1. FUCK YOU COMMIE LIBTARD!!! the only problem is that I am insulting those with downs by comparing them to CREATURES as STUPID as pearlwoman!

  2. The irony being most of those using words like retard and libtard are, intellectually speaking, generally somewhat lower on the scale than those they are insulting (i.e. Ann Coulter calling Barack Obama a retard.) As often evidenced by the use of all caps and/or second-grade level grammar and spelling (not to mention complete lack of logic and reason in their arguments). As if they wield their lack of education proudly. VOLUME > intellect. Yeah, baby!

    1. WRONG COMMIE COCK GOBBLER!!! Until you’ve discussed the nature of black holes with Stephen Hawking personally, you’re BENEATH where I was 20 years ago in college MORON! It’s the libtards who cannot think. That’s why you ignorant vermin need the socialist nanny state to control every aspect of your lives for you.

  3. Reading the comments elicited by your recent posts made me think of a rock being kicked aside and hordes of angry, venomous creatures emerging into the light. The amount of hate coursing through this country is frightening.

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