The La Quinta Experience

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There’s something to be said for the La Quinta. That something is, “Ew.”

I’m not a motel/hotel snob. I really don’t care what they look like, where they’re located, whether they offer any sort of breakfast. As long as there’s wifi and a bed, I’m generally good.

But … ew.

I entered my room and immediately picked up a slight pee odor. The carpet is green and worn. The wallpaper has seen better days. The bathtub is dirty. The walls are thin enough that I can hear the two guys in the next room—and they’re not speaking particularly loudly. Granted, this La Quinta is not even close to the worst place I’ve ever stayed (ask @thefamilycoach about The Santorini), but it just reeks of hopelessness and waywardness.

Upon checking in, I asked the woman at the front desk whether the comforters are cleaned.

“Regularly?” she said.

I nodded.

“They’re on a rotation.” Then, after a pause, “It’s the industry standard.”

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I’m here for two nights. The cum … eh, comforter gets the floor.

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3 thoughts on “The La Quinta Experience”

  1. You’re complaining about La Quinta?
    Sometime if you ever do a story on the legendary track coach Bill Bowerman go stay in Fossil Oregon.
    I suppose things have probably changed at the Fossil Motel.
    When I went to check in there was a sign that read, “If the key is hanging up, the room is available. Sign in and swipe your card in the reader. If you want to pay in cash we’ll have to get to you later.”
    When I got up in the morning there was no water in the shower.
    The second night I drove to Condon and commuted from there.
    That wasn’t even my worse motel.
    Driving down from Omak I started to feel ill. Decided I didn’t want to hit the snow and Ice with a fever. Stopped in Wenatchee, no rooms anywhere, not a one. Not high end not low end…except the Bruce Hotel.
    For $10 I got an inside room, meaning my window was an air shaft. The bathroom was down the hall. There were handprints on the wall that slid to the floor. I went out and got my sleeping bag, I considered this an emergency. Slept with my head where your feet would be.
    After 5 hours I figured I could make the passes after all.
    You sure do whine a lot about your luxury motels.
    I was a road warrior for 25 years, there were a few other questionable ones, but I never struck out at a La Quinta, maybe things have changed.

  2. Jeff, My family has two dogs we travel with, so La Quinta is our hotel chain of choice. If you traveled with pets, you would understand. I have found a couple of LQ’s that were similar to what you found, but most are either new or newly remodeled, and are quite pleasant. If you ever find yourself in Idaho Falls, I highly recommend the LQ as maybe the nicest hotel in town, and in a great location to boot.

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