News isn’t news …

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In case you’re wondering, news isn’t news any longer.

It hasn’t been for more than a decade. It’s fluff. It’s entertainment. It exists so the providers can get as many website clicks as possible, thereby being justified in charging higher ad rates, thereby feeding the news outlet’s owners and stock holders filet instead of slop.

Take today, for example. Take right now.’s website leads with the above story, about a poll in a state that matters nary an iota. Whether Trump leads Carson or Bush trails Rubio in Iowa impacts absolutely nobody anywhere. It’s beyond meaningless, and if you don’t believe me check out Iowa over the past few elections. At best, it’s a barometer of nothing. At worst, it’s a barometer of nothing in a state that’s all about corn and, eh, corn.

On the same day “Big changes below Trump” took place, 300 were hurt and 17 killed in a Chinese blast. Jimmy Carter announced he was diagnosed with cancer. The EPA was trying to survive a river spill it apparently caused. An Army chief called Russia our top threat. On and on and on.

But you wouldn’t know. Because CNN and others aren’t in the news business. They’re in the entertainment business.

Donald Trump is entertaining.

Reality is not.

2 thoughts on “News isn’t news …”

  1. Jeff, those other story’s have all been covered. The China blast was top news and the EPA spill is somewhat old.
    Who is driving the clown bus is a good break from the heavy news.

  2. Jeff, your comments are spot on. Just watch that bullshit morning news show, Today, and it’s virtually all entertainment. 15 minutes of news and god awful weather, then it’s all about them. Look at me! I had my nostril hair trimmed and the cameras were there. Give me a frikkin break.

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