Live from Daryl’s House jumps the shark

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If you know me, you know I’m a huge Daryl Hall and John Oates fan. I mean, I’m not merely a fan in the, “Oh, I love Maneater” modus. Nope, I’m a fan in the, “Whole Oates is the greatest album of all time,” and “‘It’s a Laugh’ is a song the Beatles could have done” sorta way. I just love, love, love Hall and Oates.

Hence, when Hall started his own web series, “Live From Daryl’s House,” eight years ago, I was euphoric. The premise was cool: Every week, Hall would invite a musician to his home, and they’d jam. Some of the songs would be Hall’s, some would be the other person’s. The guest list was pretty cool, too, from Eric Hutchinson and Travis McCoy to K.T. Tunstall to Smokey Robinson to Rob Thomas. I loved it. The wife loved it.


Live From Daryl’s House now, well, sorta stinks. First, it’s no longer filmed in Daryl’s house. Second, it airs first on Palladia, a network seven known humans watch. Third, there’s a mid-show cooking segment that’s routinely brutal. Fourth … I dunno. It’s lost something organic and funky and unique and authentic. Maybe it’s the fact that the website has, for some reason, deleted 90 percent of the archival performances. I don’t understand why, because it was musical gold.

Actually, there’s a final big problem that irks me to no end. Namely, Hall seems sorta jerkish. He always wears sunglasses inside. His conversations come off as smug and arrogant. He just doesn’t seem particularly nice or interested; he’s the guy waiting to talk, not listening.

That’s all.

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  1. Just noticed this one. A few months ago I was watching one of those home improvement networks and noticed Hall had a show there. It seems he’s got a house that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence and is now completely restoring it. If that’s where he was doing the live performances before, turning the place into a construction zone now may explain moving the jam sessions elsewhere.

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