Guns and forks

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Another shooting happened in America today. Stifle your yawns, please.

This one was particularly interesting, as far as American gun violence goes. A. Because it happened on live television; B. Because the shooter recorded the destruction of two former TV station colleagues on his GoPro, then Tweeted, “I filmed the shooting see Facebook.”

It seems Bryce Williams, a one-time reporter for the WDBJ news team, was angry about having been fired from the station, and sought revenge. So he showed up at Bridgewater Plaza, a shopping and recreational sports facility in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, as a reporter, Alison Parker, was interviewing Vicki Gardner, a Chamber of Commerce Official. He then fired off a bunch of shots, killing Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, a 27-year-old cameraman. Gardner was shot in the back, but is alive.

I can write the same old crap, about the NRA and the inane interpretations of the Second Amendment; about how we are a ludicrously violent nation; about how our president and representatives are pure cowards when it comes to this issue; about how money trumps safety; about how I’ve heard enough bluster on the importance of a commitment to “mental health issues”; how nothing will ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever change.

Instead, I want to talk about Facebook. Namely, something a friend of mine wrote today. This …

He could have stabbed them to death too Jeff. With a fork. In the neck. Should we ban forks? How would people eat. When someone wants to kill they will find a way. Fact is, if someone there had a gun, he probably would have been stopped after the first shot or 2. Gun control will not stop gun violence. I know its a hot/heated political issue but some on man.


The man who scribed the above passage is a nice guy. A good guy. A smart guy. And his comment got five likes, from Facebook folks of various genres. Which, truly, makes me want to surrender on this issue; to throw up my hands and say, “OK, y’all win. Let’s all have guns.”

Why? Because I no longer know what to say. Every argument I can think have has been uttered. Every available statistic has been cited. Nations with great gun access have greater gun violence. That’s a fact. Keeping a gun in a home with children is a more likely recipe for disaster than safety. Also a statistical fact. But, still, we’re talking forks. If people genuinely think there’s an equivalency between a utensil as a deadly device and a gun as a deadly device, what chances are there of change? If that particular argument can be digested and regurgitated, with a straight face and true intentions, how can we do anything widespread to decrease gun violence?

It’s a hopeless day in America. It has been for a long time.

Pass the fork.

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4 thoughts on “Guns and forks”

  1. Well said, Jeff. I would have more respect for people like your friend if he simply said, “You know what? Thousands of people in the US die from senseless gun violence every year, but I don’t really care because gun rights with zero responsibility are more important to me.” At least he wouldn’t be insulting our intelligence that way.

    1. Pull your empty head out of your commie ass for the first time in your pathetically ignorant excuse for a life!!

      You CREATURES on the far left have no intelligence to insult MORON!
      Today was about a self entitled ASSHOLE who cried racism or bigotry every time someone had a problem with his being a piss poor employee. Then the POS took out his anger at being rightfully fired on one of his former coworkers.

  2. Although I’m not sure what your beef is with Obama. He banged his head against a wall after the Sandy Hook massacre and Congress totally bailed on the issue.

  3. As far as I’m aware, there have been no fatal fork stabbings in Australia since our gun law reform in 1997. Prior to ’97 we’d had multiple mass shootings. Since then, not one.

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