Shame on the New York Daily News

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The above is a photograph of my dog, Norma. She’s eating ice cream. Isn’t she cute?

I’m using this photograph because, even though this entry concerns today’s front page of the New York Daily News, I don’t want to show you today’s front page of the New York Daily News. Why? Because against all reasonable standards of taste, ethics and decency, the newspaper ran a series of three photographs showing—in full color—the murder of Alison Parker. It is graphic, it is unreasonable, it is wrong.

So why go with something like this? The same reason CNN and Fox News and MSNBC are all over the story—repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly. Because it sells. Because it’s hard to look away. Because people will buy it, which means advertisers will be thrilled, which means pockets get lined.

I’m not sure when, but ethics are largely dead in journalism, replaced by for-profit interests and a need to make eyeballs explode.

So get your New York Daily News right here. Get your New York Daily News …

And watch a 24-year-old’s life end.

3 thoughts on “Shame on the New York Daily News”

  1. There are no more ethics, manners, or bad press. A company that I’ve never heard of, never bought from, never dealt with; tele-markets me with ” I’m returning your call………..!”

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