Does feeling this way make me a dick?

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I started the morning working at J.C. Beans, my favorite Southern California coffee shop.

If one were to make a checklist of quality cafes, J.C. Beans meets ’em all. Clean. Cozy. Temperature controlled. Indoor-outdoor seating. Cool music. Cool music that’s not too loud. Excellent drinks. Healthy food.


And I was happy. And productive. Drinking, writing. Writing, drinking.

And then, a barista showed up to start his shift.

And he began to whistle.

And whistle.

And whistle.

And whistle.

And whistle.

It was painfully annoying. Nails on a chalkboard. A broken house alarm at 3 am. Fran Drescher singing Laura Branigan. He whistled and whistled and whistled, and he looked so happy doing so. But … it was the worst. And I wanted to ask him to refrain from whistling. But who asks a happy guy to refrain from whistling? I mean, save for punching a flower salesman, you couldn’t do a more dickish thing on a sunny Friday afternoon.

So now I’m in Starbucks.

1 thought on “Does feeling this way make me a dick?”

  1. Jeff, talk to the owner or manager. Even if it was the whistler. They will want to know that they are losing business. Only way they know is if you tell them. The owner will appreciate your letting him know.

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