Christianity Under Attack

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If you watch enough Fox News, or listen to enough conservative talk radio, you know that Christianity is under attack in this nation. From the war on Christmas to Passover and Easter being given equal gravitas to Santa existing with an unidentifiable racial status, there’s little doubt fewer and fewer Americans give Christianity the respect it deserves.

Well, as a Jew, I’m here to tell you why: Kim Davis.

Being serious—Kim Davis is the reason. Or a symbol of the reason. Did you see her today, emerging from jail to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” a screaming crowd greeting her with crosses raised and fists pumped? Did you see Mike Huckabee by her side, beaming from ear to ear? Did you hear her belief—repeated over these past days—that God is on their side? Her side?

Well, that’s why Christianity is under attack. Because here, in the United States, those believers who scream the loudest aren’t the most pious and decent and understanding and agreeable. Nope, they’re the fucking God’s Word-obsessed lunatics who believe—truly believe—the Bible is 100-percent perfect, and that He (never She) is on their side. For most of us (sane Americans) Kim Davis isn’t a symbol of strength and courage. She’s a symbol of a simplistic Kentucky moron who decided not to do her job, then make a big stink about it. I mean, I don’t believe in God. But, if there is a God, I sure as hell know he’s not hovering above Kim and Mike, thinking, “This is exactly how I wanted things to unfold. Thanks, guys.”

So, yeah, Christianity is under attack. And it will be, until legitimate Christians start speaking out against the nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Christianity Under Attack”

  1. I get torn on this. Not because I agree with Ms. Davis. But because she’s refusing to follow a law her ethics are in conflict with…which, when we agree with the holdouts ethics, we consider heroic; when we don’t, we’re aghast that they don’t just “do their job.”
    And I’m curious who you think Christians would consider a “legitimate Christian.” There are dozens of denominations and splinter groups of splinter groups. There are Protestants who consider Catholics heathens; there are churches that split apart over matters of doctrinal faith or things as seemingly absurd as whether or not drums are appropriate for use in Sunday services (I witnessed this growing up). The idea that “legitimate Christians” are responsible or even capable of converting “illegitimate Christians” strikes me as similar to when people say Muslims should speak out against terrorists who claim they’re Muslim too. ISIS isn’t gonna care what someone whose faith they consider fraudulent says. Neither are the Kim Davises of the world.

    1. many conservative Christians believe, strongly, that premarital sex is a sin and against their ethics. Should a county clerk decline to issue marriage licenses to sexually active single people?

      if your ethics prevent your from performing your necessary job functions then it’s time to seek new employment. the ONLY reason she isn’t doing that is the lack of $80k salary jobs in her area.

      she’s a slave to the almighty dollar, pure and simple.

    2. “Legitimate Christianity” means…what, exactly? Is there such a thing? Everybody thinks of themselves as “right” and everybody else as “wrong”. “Legitimate Christianity” is just as oxymoronic as “legitimate (insert any other religion)”.

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