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I have to thank a cool reader, Gregory Hardy, for bringing this beauty to my attention …

It seems, in anticipation of Rocky Balboa being released nine years ago, the film company produced a series of action figures from the various Rocky movie. There was, of course, a Rocky figurine, an Apollo figurine, a Mickey figurine, probably an Adrian figurine.

And a Brent Musberger figurine.

Which is awesome for 1,004 different reasons—first being that Brent Musberger’s name is actually spelled “Musburger.” I mean, can you imagine the sequence of phone calls involved in this operation?

Call 1—agent to Brent: “How would you feel about making a cameo appearance in Rocky II?”

Call 2—agent to Brent: “You’re not gonna believe this—they want to make a Brent Musburger action figure. How cool is that?”

Call 3—agent to Brent: “Action figure’s coming out Tuesday! I’ll call you as soon as I see one!”

Call 4—agent to Brent: “Um …”

3 thoughts on “Musberger”

  1. Just to clarify: The figure came out in 2006, in anticipation of “Rocky Balboa” being a huge hit. And they doubled down by releasing characters from each of the previous movies. We’ve got a Brent “Musberger” figure, a Paulie figure, a Mick figure, Apollo Creed and on and on … but, improbably, no Clubber Lang OR Drago figures that I can find. What were they thinking?

  2. My initial reaction to “Musberger” was, “Maybe this anything-for-a-buck toy company couldn’t get the rights to the correct spelling because the real Musburger wouldn’t sign off on it. So they purposely misspelled it so they could claim they were in the clear.” You know, the same reason why they have to spell it “Cheez Whiz” because it’s not actual cheese. But that can’t be it, because Brent’s actual photo is right there above the name! So, nope, just a big ol’ fat typo/fact error. And that’s the extent of my expertise as an amateur likeness rights lawyer.

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