When 2,996 people died, you can’t brag

It somehow bypassed my radar, but during this week’s Republican presidential debate, Jeb Bush commended his brother for keeping America safe after 9.11.

Which is sorta like congratulating the Marlins on their big September victory against Atlanta after dropping 110 games.

I’ve got no beef with Jeb Bush. I mean, we’d agree on very little. But I consider him a serious candidate in a clown car-worthy early election season. As the buffoons like Donald Trump and Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz talk about how ugly people are or how important it is to defund Planned Parenthood or how dangerous it is to ignore Kim Davis, Jeb has tried to speak on issues. Yeah, nobody seems to listen. And yeah, he’s surprisingly dull and rambling. But he’s serious. Or at least trying to be serious.

The 9.11 line, however, is pure inanity, and no matter how many times Republicans take credit for keeping the nation safe, it’s inescapable and undeniable that the worst domestic attack in U.S. history took place while George W. Bush was president.

Does that mean it was his fault? No, not really. But can he take credit for safety when so many died?

Absolutely not.