Say it ain’t so, Apollo Creed

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I had a dream. A wonderful dream. I wanted to do a Quaz Q&A with Carl Weathers.

In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, Weathers played Apollo Creed in four of the 175 Rocky movies. He also appeared as Arnold’s one-armed (after the other arm was ripped off by an alien) colleague in Predator and Adam Sandler’s one-handed (after the other hand was ripped off by an alligator) golf instructor in Happy Gilmore. He’s the perfect Quaz for about 1,000 reasons, and I was psyched when I found him on Twitter.

Then I was even more psyched, for a second, when I saw he responded.

Alas, he wrote this …

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There’s no sarcasm here—I absolutely love Carl Weathers’ body of work. So, while I’m sad he’s turned me down, I’ll be OK. I don’t pity the fool. I don’t think he’s dead meat. I don’t have to break him. We’re not going to engage in a battle until the end.

I’m just bummed, because Carl Weathers is the man.

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