What Facebook has become

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So a few days ago I blocked a former high school classmate on Facebook. It wasn’t anything personal, per se. This was a guy I knew long ago; one I reconnected with five years ago while planning our 20th reunion. He’s always seemed friendly and fine, but his Facebook posts are, in my opinion, ugly, ignorant, xenophobic nastiness. And I decided a while back to no longer tolerate ugly, ignorant, xenophobic nastiness. You hate Obama? One hundred percent fine with me. You think he’s an anti-American Muslim who’s open to terrorists? Eh, no.

Anyhow, I decided to explain the block, and wrote this (I cut off the first line to shield his name) …

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The words did not go over well. I suppose I should have been smart enough, or at least wise enough, to expect something of a hostile response. But, truly, I was semi-taken aback by what followed …

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I was told today that this guy posted a Facebook follow-up, ripping me and my asshole-ness. And that many of our fellow classmates agreed. Which, of course, is truly fine and kosher. Hell, were I a person posting anti-Muslim rants and urging politicians to keep refugees out of sight and accusing Obama of treason, I’d hate me, too.

But the thing is … well … eh, I’m not a person posting anti-Muslim rants. And I don’t believe we should ignore the refugees who have been threatened with death should they not leave their homes. And I know Obama hasn’t committed treason. Bad president? Fair opinion. Not mine, but fair. Treason? Eh, no. And the other thing is … well … eh, I’m tired of dealing with the assholes. I really am. I’m tired of the hate. The racism. The xenophobia. I’m tired of shit like this …

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And this …

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And this …

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I have been accused by some former classmates of blocking instead of debating. I’ve been called scared, a pussy, etc … etc. Which is just incorrect. I love debate. I love arguing. But I have no patience for stupidity; for the regurgitation of information obtained from an hour of Hannity and Rush and Beck. You wanna debate Clinton v. Reagan, or whether we should allow refugees in, or higher taxes v. lower taxes? I’m game—and you may well kick my ass. But I refuse to hear about Obama being a terrorist; or about his lost transcript; or his fake birth certificate. I don’t want you to tell me that he supports ISIS, or that Hillary is a [cunt/whore/bitch]. Or this, from another classmate …

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If you lather yourself in ignorance, I’m blocking. Not as some sort of silly punishment, but because I’m tired of listening to the uninformed.

Otherwise, let’s talk.

But let’s talk with sanity. And facts.