What Facebook has become

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So a few days ago I blocked a former high school classmate on Facebook. It wasn’t anything personal, per se. This was a guy I knew long ago; one I reconnected with five years ago while planning our 20th reunion. He’s always seemed friendly and fine, but his Facebook posts are, in my opinion, ugly, ignorant, xenophobic nastiness. And I decided a while back to no longer tolerate ugly, ignorant, xenophobic nastiness. You hate Obama? One hundred percent fine with me. You think he’s an anti-American Muslim who’s open to terrorists? Eh, no.

Anyhow, I decided to explain the block, and wrote this (I cut off the first line to shield his name) …

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The words did not go over well. I suppose I should have been smart enough, or at least wise enough, to expect something of a hostile response. But, truly, I was semi-taken aback by what followed …

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I was told today that this guy posted a Facebook follow-up, ripping me and my asshole-ness. And that many of our fellow classmates agreed. Which, of course, is truly fine and kosher. Hell, were I a person posting anti-Muslim rants and urging politicians to keep refugees out of sight and accusing Obama of treason, I’d hate me, too.

But the thing is … well … eh, I’m not a person posting anti-Muslim rants. And I don’t believe we should ignore the refugees who have been threatened with death should they not leave their homes. And I know Obama hasn’t committed treason. Bad president? Fair opinion. Not mine, but fair. Treason? Eh, no. And the other thing is … well … eh, I’m tired of dealing with the assholes. I really am. I’m tired of the hate. The racism. The xenophobia. I’m tired of shit like this …

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And this …

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And this …

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I have been accused by some former classmates of blocking instead of debating. I’ve been called scared, a pussy, etc … etc. Which is just incorrect. I love debate. I love arguing. But I have no patience for stupidity; for the regurgitation of information obtained from an hour of Hannity and Rush and Beck. You wanna debate Clinton v. Reagan, or whether we should allow refugees in, or higher taxes v. lower taxes? I’m game—and you may well kick my ass. But I refuse to hear about Obama being a terrorist; or about his lost transcript; or his fake birth certificate. I don’t want you to tell me that he supports ISIS, or that Hillary is a [cunt/whore/bitch]. Or this, from another classmate …

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If you lather yourself in ignorance, I’m blocking. Not as some sort of silly punishment, but because I’m tired of listening to the uninformed.

Otherwise, let’s talk.

But let’s talk with sanity. And facts.

8 thoughts on “What Facebook has become”

  1. Good post. It will fall on deaf ears, of course, as the angry, fearful rightwing loons have absolutely no desire to engage in reasoned debate about anything relative to our current President or the actions of his administration. Their overriding hatred has always stemmed from the fact he is a black man that dared to challenge their belief in white male superiority and white power. Such is the state of America today.

    1. WRONG COMMIE RETARD!!! We loathe your Marxist NObamessiah’s white half just as much as the black one MORON! The fact that brain dead subhuman lying Marxist VERMIN like you have to play the race card shows how truly pathetica you creatures are. It is impossible to defend the Kenyan born socialist USURPER on any merits, so you libtarded TRASH go straight to skin color to try and scare those of us with functioning brains into shutting up.

  2. Jeff, I am about ready to get off of Facebook all together, and probably would if not for business considerations. I unfriended a local business owner the other day after she posted an item (photo of course) saying that we should nuke Islam, because that worked against Japan. Sad thing is that the post had 28 likes. People are just nuts on Facebook.

  3. Mary Lilred Gaworecki

    I have done exactly the same thing. Very well put. I have no tolerance for willfully ignorant people and their misinformed memes. I’ve unfriended a lot of people and my life is so much more relaxed and happy. These negative people have a way of sucking one’s spirit dry, and not in a good way… 😉

  4. You are such a dip. What you mean to say is that you are not intellectually mature enough to handle a differing opinion, so you are shutting yourself off from it. Boo hoo, a meme about terrorists among refugees, i.e., something that has actually happened. And then someone had the gall to say she thinks Obama is the worst president ever. The horror of such ignorance! I’m surprised you didn’t quit Facebook during the Bush years. But oh wait, it was totally cool for you and your friends to crap on that guy, accuse him of treason, war crimes, etc. Enjoy your bubble.

  5. There is strong evidence Obama is a Christ professing, beer drinking, pork eating Muslim. There just has to be. It is as obvious as the nose on the back of my head.

  6. Political discussion on Facebook and in general is worthless for two reasons:

    1) We truly know very little about how things actually work, what politicians owe favors to what special interests & lobbyists, all the stuff behind the scenes. I personally doubt that Obama is a Muslim but hey, I’ve never met the guy. I’ve only seen him on camera when he knows he’s being filmed and has time to prepare what he’s going to say. How many people that discuss the President have actually had a real candid conversation with him off camera, off the record?

    2) Facebook discussions make ZERO progress for left, right, conservative, liberal, democrat, conspiracy theorist, republican, libertarian, what have you. It’s basically a series of shouting and name-calling and no side makes a true attempt to understand the other side’s position and the reasons why.

    While I 100% agree that political comments on Facebook are annoying and useless, this article is written from the standpoint of someone who, like many, claims to be some sort of authority on the appropriate limits for political conversation and of course, political correctness.

    Words are words. If someone says something in a crass way does it hurt your feelings so much that it could result in a violent act? I’m not saying I’m in favor of making hateful comments, but just block the guy and move on. There’s no need to give a dissertation and explain what is right and wrong to speak every time someone says something off-color, PC Principal.

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