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Last night, while working out at the gym, I watched Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich mock Barack Obama for his inability to see the biggest threat to American safety.

It’s not climate change, they insisted. It’s ISIS, and the looming, ongoing nightmare that is fundamentalist Islamic terror. That, they agreed, is why we all should be nervous, and what our energies need to be focused upon. Climate change? Meh. Not a big deal.

Then the commercial came, someone tried to sell me a car, and that was that.

This morning, in case you have yet to hear, up to 20 people were shot at a county services office in San Bernardino, California—not all that far from where we live. The details are sketchy, but it’s believed a couple of the shooters are on the run. The suspects, a spokesperson said, are heavily armed and were possibly wearing body armor.


This is a rant: I’m tired of hearing about ISIS, and refugees, and protecting our boarders. I want to hear about guns. And not how we need more of them; how, if someone in that office was armed, this might have not happened. Nope, nope, nope. I want to hear a plan—a legitimate plan—for making our nation safer. Maybe it means longer waiting periods, maybe it means more law enforcement, maybe it means a nation filled with metal detectors. Whatever—I don’t care. But I want solutions. Real solutions. Oh, and to hell with the Second Amendment. Wait, let me re-state: To hell with the modern far-right interpretation of the Second Amendment. Do you really think Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson aspired to a nation where everyone carries the high-caliber weaponry of their choosing? Do you really think that’s the answer? More guns? Imagine the scene. You’re in a restaurant. Someone thinks there’s a robbery going on. He pulls out his gun. Then someone else thinks that guy’s the gunman, and he pulls out his gun. They start shooting, and others pull out their guns. How about fights at Little League games; disputes at cash registers; a suspected robber who’s actually your uncle using the key beneath the flower pot.

Guns. Guns. Guns.

This is not safety. It’s insanity.

But you know what else is insanity? Believing ISIS to be our biggest threat, when we have weekly mass shootings. That’s no exaggeration—every week, on average, we now have mass shootings in America. These are our terrorism. Imagine if this San Bernardino tragedy were carried out by an Islamic fundamentalist? The response would be a bunkering down; a call for higher security; renewed indictments of Muslims. But if—as will likely be the case—this was carried out by a bunch of good ol’ asshole American shooters, we’ll react thusly …

A. Statements of sympathy and prayer for the victims.

B. Repeated pleas not to politicize the moment.

C. Nothing gets done.

ISIS? Islamic fundamentalism? Horrible, awful, need to be eradicated. No doubt.

This guy, however, is our Osama. We just don’t seem realize it …

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9 thoughts on “Terror”

  1. It’s an active shooting and already the Left is blaming Republicans. Stay classy, Jeff. You know if you can’t blame Muslims for Paris, 9-11, ISIS, beheading Christians and Jews etc you can’t blame gun owners for random nuts. Right?

    1. No one is blaming the average gun owner. But sacrifices have to be made. I have to take my shoes off at the airport because someone once failed blowing up a plane with a bomb in his shoe in 2001. Now obviously that is a minor inconvenience but how come that is a watershed moment but Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Fort Hood etc are not?

  2. A couple of thoughts… to all of the politicians who offer prayer and are requesting others to pray, shove your prayers up your collective asses. “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families” is meaningless bullshit, especially after so many mass killings in this country. The exhortation to pray is now a meaningless tweet.
    Also…to those asking “is this terrorism?”, of course it is. Citizens of this country who engage in these despicable acts of cowardice are every bit terrorists as those of foreign birth with brown skin. The FBI guy on site was asked is this terrorism, and he said we don’t know yet. Bullshit. We know that some people showed up somewhere and killed and wounded a bunch of other people. If that’s not terrorism, explain to me why it isn’t.

    1. Ted, ALWAYS appreciate your comments.

      How about the brilliance from this elected official:

      Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS ‏@RepGosar 4h4 hours ago

      I agree with my friend and AZ colleague @RepKirkpatrick that now is a time for healing. #SanBernardino

      “Now is the time for healing.” Have I gone COMPLETELY FUCKING MAD?? The blood isn’t even dry yet, you schmuck. The vacuous sayings, the specious arguments… I’m beginning to think this species gets what we deserve, as incredibly sad as that is. We’ve been around for an eye blink in the relative history of time, and things will keep trucking along without us long after we’re gone. That we’re still having this circle jerk discussion after Sandy Hook (it was a false flag? Holy. Shit.), it’s obvious nothing will ever bring rational thought to this discussion.

      I wonder if they, too, would resort to prayer if it happened to them.

  3. Anytime a person or persons shoot innocent people it is an act of terrorism. White or Brown,Christian or Muslim it doesn’t matter. Please stop selling assault weapons.

  4. I see that as usual, PearlFAGGOT has HER empty head too far up her Marxist ASS to see reality!! The problem is KORANIMALS and that deathcult they follow, PISSlam!! NOT my Second Amendment right to defend those I care about RETARD!! You want to live where no one can own guns? MOVE TO NORTH KOREA COMMIE!!

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