The Republican Presidential Field—A Liberal’s Viewpoint

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Sometimes we don’t understand how people with opposing viewpoints feel. Maybe we don’t care, maybe we don’t have access. Whatever the case, we often don’t know.

Hence, I’m writing this post for Republicans and conservatives who might want to know how, exactly, a liberal feels about the GOP presidential field. To be clear, all six eliminate themselves from my consideration by their refusal to accept climate change. But, that as a non-factor, here I go …

I don’t hate many people. But I come close to hating Ted Cruz. First, he wears his Christianity like a crown, and believes we live in a Christian nation where homosexuality should be deemed a sinful existence. As an open-minded New York-raised Jew, I’m not feeling it. Second, he just seems like a smug, know-it-all jackass. He’s right, you’re wrong—no debate. And, not by coincidence, very few Republicans seem to like him. He’s dismissive, overbearing, insistent. That said, he’s also, clearly, the most intelligent in the field, as well as the best debater. I’m pretty sure Cruz is too far right to win in a general. But I’d be scared shitless finding out.

Were I given the choice of Cruz or Donald Trump, I’d pick Trump. Which is amazing, because he says so many things that make me vomit. However, I actually agree with Cruz that Trump is a pretty liberal guy just saying what he feels needs to be said. I mean, not all that long ago he was pro-choice. And I’m supposed to believe he’s had this come-to-Jesus change of heart? Seriously, it’s ludicrous. Trump is an offensive and vulgar man who won’t be able to build a wall or keep Muslims out. But, compared to Cruz, he’s moderate. So … hey.

For a long time, Marco Rubio scared me. I was almost certain he’d be the nominee, because he’s young, handsome, has a strong back story and represents Florida, an important state in the general. But Rubio is a terrible campaigner, as well as a pretty frightening guy. Both he and Cruz have said abortions should be illegal, sans exception. So, if their wives were raped (I’m obviously not rooting for this, to be clear) they’d have to give birth to Rapist Jim’s little baby. Um … yeah. Like that would happen.

Jeb Bush isn’t the worst man in America. I think, when he’s not running for president, he’s probably a pretty fair and open-minded guy. But Trump brain fucked him early, and now he’s Tweeting pictures of his gun with the #America hashtag. Bush is, like Rubio, a brutal campaigner who just lacks the ability to emotionally connect with large audiences. Again, I don’t think he’s a Cruz-esque asswipe, or as pre-packaged as Rubio. But he’s uninspiring and burdened by the last name of a dreadful president.

John Kasich is, for my money, the Republican’s best bet in the general election. Yeah, he has some extreme views. But mostly he strikes me as decent, stand-up, willing to listen and engage. Like Rubio, he’s from a vital state (Ohio) and, also like Rubio, he might be able to peel off some conservative Democrats. The fear with both Cruz and Trump is you’d likely have more Republicans defect (or stay home) than Democrats cross over. With Kasich, you don’t run that risk.

Ben Carson has no chance. None. Carson was a conservative white person’s best friend, in that he could convince himself of his own open-mindedness because—to steal a Jerry Maguire quote—he voted “for the black feller.” And how can you hate blacks if you vote for one? But, ultimately, Carson just didn’t seem to know very much about America.

So … who’s going to be the nominee? At this point, probably Trump, but Cruz is gaining a surprising amount of ground.

Either way, Hillary wins.

Unless she’s indicted.

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  1. You know, cruz has been pretty neutral on gays, and his skepticism comes straight from satellite data. Not a fan of his manner but is that really a good metric?

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