Joanie Loves Chachi: What I Missed

So yesterday morning I devoted a lengthy blog post to the so-awful-it’s-amazing opener to “Joanie Loves Chachi,” which features the two lovebirds singing alone, then in front of an excited crowd anxious to catch the America’s rising musical power couple. Here’s the link.

But, in my eternal sloppiness, i somehow overlooked what must be considered the most egregious brain fart of all. So, yes, Joanie and Chachi can’t sing. And yes, everyone in attendance surely realizes this. But even if you can’t sing, but aspire to sing, one rule holds true: You must use the microphone.

Watch the above clip. It’s the big show. Joanie and Chachi are in love, gigging at the Chicago club that books them weekly. Word is beginning to spread. You’ve gotta see this act! They’re amazing! revolutionary! Ooh—they’re starting to perform! The music is playing! This is terrific! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hey, wait a second. How were they able to begin singing sans mics? I mean, isn’t that a tad weird? The words (“You loooooook at me …”) are crystal clear, and the volume goes unchanged when the microphones reach their mouths.

Is this whole thing a scam? Are they the precursors to Ashley Simpson on SNL?

What the hell is going on here?