Six hours ago and Will Smith

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Just learned a few moments ago that Will Smith, the former Saints defensive lineman, was shot and killed in New Orleans a few hours ago.

It would be impossible for me to know less about Smith. He played for the Saints, he attended Ohio State—that’s pretty much all I’ve got. But what strikes me, as I sit here at my laptop, is how social media has changed the way we look at a person’s final moments of life.

That’s a confusing sentiment, so I’ll try and be more clear: Back in the day, when someone died we’d learn in a news story or obituary about his whereabouts, and what caused the death. But now—thanks to this Internet thing—we can see (in a very clear way) what the person was actually thinking and, often, experiencing. Smith, for example, posted the above on Instagram only six hours ago. He’s with his lady friend, in the French Quarter, looking cool and happy and chill. He added this, via Twitter …

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In other words, Will Smith was a happy man, living large, with presumably many years to go.

And then …

1 thought on “Six hours ago and Will Smith”

  1. The lady was his wife.
    The shooter will probably claim self defense.
    He ran into the back of Smith’s car.
    The two exchanged word’s.
    I’m betting he will say Smith’s size and anger made him fear for his life.
    Pretty much a common result of a paranoid and armed society.

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