If you’re raped, you need to deliver the rapist’s baby

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Had a Twitter debate today with a conservative guy who believes a raped woman needs to deliver the rapist’s baby. Why? Because abortion is murder, and murder is wrong, and the rapist’s baby is a life and deserves to be treated with dignity.

I love this shit. Love it. I actually sorta think it’d be entertaining to see Ted Cruz elected president. Then we can have a law passed and start arresting raped women who go underground to abort the children of the rapist. It’d make a pretty spectacular reality TV show; like Cops merged with Teen Mom. We can call it, “I was raped, and now I’m in jail.” Or, actually, we can focus on women who are raped and have the babies because they’re afraid of doing time. We’ll call it, “I was raped, and I had my rapist’s baby, and now every single day I look into my child’s eyes and see the dude who raped me.” Or, wait, a better one. We’ll focus on women who were raped, then delivered the babies, then gave the babies up to adoption. It’ll be called, “I was raped, and the GOP forced me to deliver my rapist’s baby, but I gave the baby up and now I’m haunted by this shit for eternity.”

Fuck it. Scrap it all. Let’s make a true-life romantic comedy, perhaps to run immediately after the 700 Club. We’ll take the rapists, the raped and the babies. Place them all in a room with Pat Robertson and see if the healing power of Jesus can unite them into a family. We’ll call it “Two Men and a Raped Lady.” Or, “From Raped to Eternity.” Or, simply, “Fuck.”

Seriously, I can’t deal with this nonsense. Can’t deal.

If you call yourself religious, and you’re also comfortable forcing a raped woman to deliver a baby, you’re neither Godly nor pious.

You’re just an asshole damned to the very hell you fear.