The Sports Parent

A couple of years ago, when I was but a boy of, oh, 41, I had a podcast. It was a short-lived Q&A series, based off of the Quaz Q&A. It was called the Quazcast, and a Canadian media outlet paid me for its existence.

It was, well, awful.

The sound quality sucked. It lasted too long. There was zero promotional element. I found it pretty unsatisfying, and came to dread the weekly sessions. So, after less than a year, it died, and I was quite relieved.

That was then …

Earlier this week, I returned to the podcast world—this time accompanied by Catherine Pearlman, my lovely wife and a woman known on Twitter as @thefamilycoach. We’ve started a show, The Sports Parent, that deals with sports, parenting and, more than anything, a crossing over of the two subjects. Shit Little League coaches. Dads insisting their sons play year-round baseball. Cursing athletes and misbehaving tykes and on and on. We record in our closet (literally, we record in our closet), and every episode will feature a guest from the sports entertainment world.

I say this all because, well, I’m begging: The Sports Parent is available on iTunes, and we’d be honored if you give it a shot.

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