Fantasy Television, Fantasy Island

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Just watched what must go down as the worst episode of a TV show—ever.

Fantasy Island: Season 2, Episode 10.

In this episode, two men come to Fantasy Island. The first is a Navy sailor looking for the Island of Lost Women. He finds it. All the chicks are smokin’ hot, and the sailor assumes he’s gonna get laid—a lot. Then he learns that, after getting laid (a lot), the women will kill him. So he leaves, but not without a member of the Los Angeles Lakers cheer team.

The second man is looking for Big Foot (played by Peter Graves). He find him, using a yellow glider and some sort of machine from the 1930s that tracks body heat. He fires several rounds at the monster, then trips, falls and dangles from high above. Big Foot saves him, grunts and teaches us all about humanity.

Then the little guy says, “dee plane!” a few more times, and the show ends.

By the way, I just asked my wife, “I wonder what Ricardo Montalban is doing these days?” Then I looked him up—”he’s dead. Died a few years back. He was 88, so it’s not tragic. But it’s sad. I always enjoyed him.

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  1. That episode does sound pretty bad. I remember a Fantasy Island episode that made me roll my eyes even when I saw it back in the 1980’s.

    Bob Denver — yes, Gilligan — played a guy who had a fantasy of being a superhero to impress his young son (who came with him to Fantasy Island). Roarke dressed him up like a ridiculous-looking Bird-man whose costume looked like it was made by an intern. The flying scene couldn’t have looked more fake if they had used brightly colored wires to hold him up.

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