Two weeks

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I’ve decided to take two weeks away from blogging.

Why? Because summer is fun, this election is driving me crazy — and I need a break.

So I’m taking one. I’ll be back in early August, with more riveting thoughts. And I’ll leave you with these 10 …

• Walter Payton was better than Jim Brown.

• The GOP ticket includes two men who don’t believe in climate change, a vice president who supports gay conversion therapy and a proclivity toward the idea of swooping up illegal immigrants by the thousands and expelling them. This is not who we are.

• Hillary Clinton is as flawed a Democratic candidate as I’ve seen in many moons. That stupid e-mail scandal—committed either out of paranoia, ignorance or arrogance—is beyond infuriating. If she loses, it’s on her.

• I miss getting a newspaper delivered to my house. It’s time to start again. I want box scores while I eat my Raisin Bran.

• I just shaved my head and missed about 73 spots.

• The Philadelphia Stars would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. The Michigan Panthers would have smothered the Detroit Lions. The New York Giants would have trounced the New Jersey Generals by 50.

• The Brooklyn Nets are about to lose 60-to-65 games. Jeremy Lin will average 18, on 18 percent shooting.

• If you don’t read Steve Rushin every time he writes something, you’re on crack.

• The people who mock and bash and trash Rick Reilly don’t seem to realize two things: 1. At his SI elite, he was as good as any writer in America; 2. This shit gets tiring.

• No matter what happens come November, America rolls on. If Donald Trump wins, I will support him until he proves himself unworthy. The same goes for Hillary. We need to get back to this. We can disagree with our leaders, but still treat them with the respect afforded leaders. This has been missing throughout the past two presidencies, and it makes us worse as a people. We are far too negative and hateful. We look for failure, whereas we should be looking for achievement.

5 thoughts on “Two weeks”

  1. Agree with a lot of this, especially 1, 2, 3 and 6. As for 9 … I realize it, and bash him anyway, because he didn’t keep his quality up. Other writers did and do; he let it slip. Think post-1975 Brando.

    And 10 – WILL America keep rolling if Trump is elected? I think it’s an open question.

  2. Agreed with all of it although I’m not nearly as optimistic as you sir. Things are going to get a great deal worse before we turn this corner.

  3. In what parallel universe was Walter Payton better than Jim Brown? Great runner, probably top 2 or 3 ever, and I still haven’t forgiven Mike Ditka for denying him a TD carry in the Super Bowl. But gimme a break. Had you written a book on Brown instead of Payton, you’d be singing a different tune.

    Your diss of Jeremy Lin shows that you have bought into thoughtless, disturbing racial stereotyping of the kind you rail against if applied to African-American or Latino athletes. He is far from the greatest point guard in the league, but suffers from the disease of low expectations and refusal to believe the evidence of our own eyes, which makes many people believe incorrectly that he is a lot worse than he is. He’s Asian, so how good could he be? Well, starting with his Knicks year, he’s averaged about .468 from the field. He’s in the upper half of PGs, although not the greatest from 3. He is not a great PG, but he’s proved he belongs in the league. He’s plenty athletic, has a good vertical, and is extremely quick. Please lay off this casual racism disguised as acidic humor. It does not become you.

    People who mock and trash Rick Reilly are, in fact aware that he used to be great. The operative phrase is “used to be.” He’s now like the stripper who really should be keeping her clothes on, not taking them off.

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