Donald Trump and spilled balls of paper

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So most readers know I’m working on a USFL book, which will come out next year. And the stories are endless. About players. About coaches. About fans. And, of course, about Donald Trump, king of the New Jersey Generals. This one, told to me by someone who worked with him, is an absolute gem …

Donald called me when the league was winding down. He wanted to meet and talk business. I flew up to New York with my lawyer. And we went to Donald’s office and he was there, behind his desk, and his lawyer, Harvey Myerson, was also there.

We’re talking, and he says, “We should work together. We could do good things.” And I told him I’d never worked for somebody before. He said, “No, you wouldn’t be working for me. We could be partners.” Well, at that moment his knee accidentally hit the wastepaper basket beneath his desk, and it fell over and all these balls of rolled-up paper went all over the floor. I’m sitting here, across from him, watching all this stuff. All these little balls of paper everywhere. As Donald looks at me, Harvey—his lawyer—gets out of his chair, gets on his hands and knees and starts picking up this paper off the floor to put it all back in the basket. I can’t help myself, I’m laughing aloud. Here he says I won’t work for him but with him. And his lawyer is on his hands and knees, picking up paper. I think Donald, when he saw me watching, he figured out what was on my mind and he started screaming, “Harvey, get up! Get the fuck up off the floor!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’ll never forget that.

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  1. But, as you tweeted, even knowing what a narcissistic putz this guy is, was, and shall forever be, these former owners are still willing to vote for him. Politics does, indeed, make strange bedfellows.

    I also find it interesting that his main attorney back in the day was the detestable Roy Cohn. And then Harvey Myerson, formerly of the not-so-dearly-departed Finley, Kumble (and of course the name partner of another ill-fated law firm, Myerson & Kuhn, the other name partner of which was former MLB Commish Bowie Kuhn), who, well, let’s just say was sentenced on fraud charges and resigned from legal practice in disgrace.

    GREAT bedfellows.

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